Zoho is a good, cloud-based CRM solution that is easy to navigate and organizes client information well. The top tabs are easy to read and click to get to the text fields and customer information you need quickly. This CRM software is capable of tracking client interactions and filing records of those activities so you can review or run a report of the data later. The Zoho CRM application isn't capable of real-time sharing with other employees or departments or of creating and sending invoices. However, Zoho has other business-software solutions that you can purchase that will integrate with the CRM and give you those additional tools.

Even though it is a customer relation management program, Zoho comes with a number of good sales and marketing tools. With this program, you can forecast the success of your marketing campaign, create and send email marketing materials, and track your competition. Zoho can run several different reports, such as purchasing and vendor reports. It will also use the reports to suggest sales strategies and workflow automation.

Zoho has tools to help you track employee productivity, performance and quality of client interactions. This information is invaluable in recognizing and retaining good employees and finding those broken links that may end up costing you money. The software has the ability to upload and share files, including documents. This can help you create a nice library for your employees to refer to if they need refreshers about certain procedures or company policies.

The Zoho interface is very simple, non-cluttered and easy to navigate. Even if you have never had experience with CRM software before, this software is straightforward. It includes a help button within the application in case you need a question answered quickly. If you need more in-depth help, Zoho has a FAQs section on its website along with phone numbers and email address for contacting customer support directly. There is also a live chat feature available that connects you with professional staff that is eager to help you.

One of the biggest advantages to Zoho is that it is free for up to 10 users. Other comparable solutions cost a couple hundred dollars a year for subscription-based solutions or between $300 and $900 to purchase the license outright. This makes Zoho a relatively good investment for your small business.

Zoho is simple to use with many important tools to help strengthen client relationships. On top of customer interactions, Zoho can track sales and marketing campaigns and track employee performance. Great customer service options are available with a knowledgeable and courteous staff that is ready and willing to take care of you.

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