CRM, or contact management software, is a program designed to keep all your contacts in one place while allowing other individuals in your company access. This helps improve customer service since you don't have to place someone on hold while you track down the last associate that interacted with the client. Instead, all the notes are in the system for easy reference.

There are many solutions for customer relations that are created to be a one size fits all. While many businesses may find these programs acceptable, there are industries and companies that need something specially tailored to them. Zurmo CRM is one solution. As an open-source solution, Zurmo provides a powerful base program that your designers can then build upon to create a CRM program with the exact tools and functions you need for your specific company.

The Zurmo foundation includes functions for contact management, activity management, workflow automation and deal tracking. It is especially powerful when used to track sales leads or remind you when current customer accounts may be coming up for renewal. These and other sales and marketing tools help you keep track of everyone, reducing the possibility of losing a golden lead. Additionally, you can generate clean, engaging reports that show your company s progress and help forecast the success of future marketing campaigns.

One feature the Zurmo has that not many other solutions include is gamification. This tool lets you acknowledge good efforts of your sales and support staff by awarding scores, badges or other recognitions, which helps improve individual employee self-worth and renew determination to remain productive.

Zurmo is designed to support international companies with language packs for a dozen different languages including Italian, Spanish and Farsi. It includes the ability to convert money in real time and has support in multiple time zones. All of these tools and feature can be programmed to be accessed by your mobile device.

One advantage of having an open-source CRM program is the ability to change and further develop the system as your company grows and changes. While other CRM require the purchase of additional licenses, open-source CRM, including Zurmo, require a one-time purchase. Some add-ons may cost additional, but most sources can be found for free through various open-source communities or developed by your own team of experts.

Zurmo CRM has been recognized by a variety of well-known companies and is a powerful competitor in the world of contact management software.

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