The SAM4s SPS-345 is a commercial-grade electronic cash register that replaces the SAM4s ER-650R, which is no longer in production. It offers several advanced functions for calculating and recording different kinds of transactions.

The standard keyboard that comes with the SPS-345 has 21 PLU keys but this is expandable up to 63, which is helpful for businesses that have a lot of inventory. You also have room for up to 20,000 PLUs or barcodes, 99 clerks and 100 departments, making it a versatile option for both small and large business purposes.

There are dual raised displays, one for the operator and the other for the customer. The operator display is tilted and enhanced for visibility, and it shows eight lines at a time, which is useful when clerks need to review and change transaction details before checkout.

A two-station thermal printer on this cash register means you don't have to choose between printing receipts and storing journal tapes. It's a fast-action printer, as well, printing up to 22 lines per second, and it features the easy-to-change drop-and-load function. Additionally, it includes an electronic journal that is accessible via the SD card slot.

One of the perks of the SAM4s SPS-345 is that you can connect up to eight cash registers for consolidated reporting. Additionally, it has optional software that allows you to download or upload register data like financial and sales reports, as well as daily transactions to your PC for review. It also can process age verification, integrate credit card transactions and accept food stamps.

The SD card is ideal for backing up and programming the cash register. It also saves the programming details in the event that the information is lost through a malfunction or extended power outage where battery backup fails. Programming is simple with on-screen prompts that speed up the process.

It features two RS-232C ports and is expandable up to four ports with a port board for connecting peripheral devices. You can connect a change dispenser, computer, scanner, scale or a DVR system that records all operator activity. You also have the ability to use an optional UPC scanner for quick checkout and fewer operator entry errors.

Overall, the SAM4s SPS-345 electronic cash register is highly functional with advanced features that make it suitable for busy stores, especially in a convenience or liquor store setting with its ability to verify ages. It has a vast amount of storage without the need for additional RAM, making it easy to program and operate. However, while it has the ability to scan UPC codes and accept credit cards, these devices are optional rather than standard equipment.

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