Letter-Folding Machines Review

Why Buy a Letter Folding Machine?

Letter folding machines can be a great addition to your office for a variety of reasons. Anyone who finds themselves dedicating a large portion of their workday to folding documents should consider automating the task, and these machines are indispensable for businesses that do mass mailings for advertising or ongoing customer campaigns. There are also many reasons why your company could benefit from keeping your document processing in-house rather than using a third-party printer. For your company, a folding machine can save considerable time and money.

Letter Folding Machines: What to Look For

The most popular automatic folding machines vary in price, from less than $200 to nearly $3,500. If you only occasionally send out letters or tend to have smaller jobs, one of the smaller units may be sufficient. If your office frequently sends out mass mailings, uses paper of varying sizes and weights, and routinely dedicates employee time to folding documents, a larger unit would be a good fit for your business.

When you re evaluating which letter folding machine is right for you, consider the size and weight of paper you ll be folding, the volume of paper folding and the types of folds you ll be doing.

Three of the top paper folding machines on the market are the Techko Maid LF283B, the Martin Yale 1611 and the Martin Yale 2051.

Paper Type
If you intend to only use standard 20 lb. copy paper or lighter, any of the paper folding machines may be suitable. Heavier papers, like cardstock or glossy paper used for brochures, require higher-end machines. If you plan to primarily use your machine for mailing letters on lightweight paper, any of the machines can work for that kind of project. If you frequently work with a variety of paper types, print brochures and other heavier documents, consider models that can handle a range of heavier papers and glossy paper for those tasks.

Paper Volume
Paper volume refers to the number of sheets a machine can process. The smallest machines usually require some manual feeding. So even though you can work significantly faster than hand folding, you still need to dedicate time to feeding paper into the machine. Smaller units can fold around 1,800 sheets per hour. Some of the best paper folding machines can fold over 10,000 sheets per hour; larger machines are also automatically fed but don t require that you stay by the machine while it works.

Types of Folds
Just as smaller paper folding machines can only handle a limited paper weight, they are often limited in the types of folds they offer. Any machine can handle the typical letter fold. Larger units often incorporate other pre-programmed folds, such as the Z-fold, half, double-parallel, gate, engineering, and church fold. In addition, some paper folding machines can be programmed to perform custom folds for your unique projects.

If you re already dedicating your employees  time to folding print media, consider investing in an automatic paper folding machine. Whether you operate a small business with only occasional paper folding or a business that works in mass mailing or brochure production, a letter folding machine can be a good investment for your company. Automating this part of your business can save you valuable time and money in the long run.