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How to Increase Organic (Free) Traffic

If you have ever tried to research techniques on how to increase traffic to your site you may have noticed an underlying theme in most recommendations -- host a quality website. Why host a quality si

The Best Platforms for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a popular blog platform because of its ease of use and numerous customization options. Web hosting services that offer automatic WordPress installation offer a good way to get your

Shopify vs. Magento

The biggest question when setting up an eCommerce store is whether to host it yourself or make use of an eCommerce platform. For ease of setup and maintenance of the shop, you may decide to go with th

Shopify vs Amazon

Shopify and Amazon Webstore have both offered excellent eCommerce solutions. However, in June of 2015, Amazon Webstore closed its doors, for good. That being said, we will examine some of the reasons

The 3 Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

Celebrated for being easy to use and impressively versatile, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. If you sell products or services, you can even use WordPress is as an eCom

5 Reasons Why 62% of 'Shark Tank' Businesses Use Shopify

What makes “Shark Tank” contestants so successful, you might ask? Regardless of whether they win the support of a “shark,” simply making it onto the show speaks to their success. One possible reason i

Is Facebook the Missing Link to Your eCommerce Success?

Over the past few years, eCommerce sales have far exceeded early projections of $30 billion per year. With half of all online sales coming from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social me

5 Ways to Perfect Your eCommerce Strategy

With the explosion of internet and mobile technology and the ease of shopping from your tablet or smartphone, eCommerce is a must for companies. Consumers turn more and more to the internet and shop l

Shopify vs. WordPress

Long viewed simply as a blogging tool, WordPress has now evolved into an eCommerce platform. Like Shopify, WordPress has become quite popular. Both of these solutions are very similar in nature; they

Is Your eCommerce Site Ready for the Mobile Age?

Mobile shopping has risen to new levels since smartphones entered our world. As iPhones and Androids have become sleeker and more functional, people buy up the phones in unprecedented numbers. In 2009

4 Tips to Achieve "Shark Tank"- Level Success

Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” and wondered what makes the contestants so successful? If you think about it, not every entrepreneur makes it onto the show. Of the thousands out there,

Shopify vs. Big Cartel

Big Cartel and Shopify are very different in nature, yet both offer great features and easy-to-use eCommerce platforms to support your product sales. Both platforms are highly customizable, but they t

Best WordPress eCommerce Software

With the continued growth and ubiquity of the Internet, eCommerce is exploding. eCommerce software enables companies to sell their products easily and efficiently online. To be effective, eCommerce so

Top eCommerce Trends in 2015

The prognosticators have long predicted grandiose trends in the changing eCommerce landscape. The extravagant promises combine with statistical facts to become a future that includes no longer needing

Five More Excellent Website Development Programs to Consider

It used to be that to make a website, you had to learn HTML, hire someone or convert a simple blog to do the work of a more extensive website. However, it's now easier than ever to design a great look

Ten Ways to Use Webcasts in Your Business

As webcasting services have grown in popularity and become easy to use, they have attracted the attention of businesses small and large. They can provide an effective means of communication by allowin

Should You Build a Mobile Website or an App?

Over half of the adult American population has a smartphone. This ownership often leads to reliance on the device. Many people feel naked without it. The question remains, if your business doesn't hav

Ten Ways to Use Webinars for Profit

Webinars are growing in popularity for education and training. They let you host seminars with visuals and audio, field questions, and get attendee feedback. Even more, they are inexpensive compared t

Easter Eggs That Will Improve Your Site

Gone are the days of your youth when you could go on the yearly hunt for Easter eggs. Not to worry, you don't have to leave the excitement of discovery behind. In the past 35 years, there have been hi

The Hidden Marketing Data Behind Enterprise Chat Software

For customers, live chat software provides a convenient and contemporary way of connecting to the companies they do business with. They love bypassing long phone hold times and using their mobile devi

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