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The Best App Design Companies of 2017

Get a Custom App to Market Your Business on Mobile Devices

The Best App Design Companies of 2017
App Design Companies
Blue Rocket
Haneke Design
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App Design Companies Review

Why Hire App Design Companies?

App design companies create apps, usually from the ground up, based on your specifications, requirements and business. While more expensive than DIY or brandable pre-made apps, a custom mobile design makes it easier to market your app. It also offers you all of the features and functionality you need and ensures that your business app is unique. App companies like Etch, Fueled and Willowtree offer mobile design for medium to large businesses, with unique apps they build from scratch. Hiring an app design company is an investment, so it is important to research your options and choose the best mobile developer for your needs.

App Design Companies: What to Look For

Most companies that build apps have a team of mobile developers capable of building your custom app based on your required features and design specifications. With many features to look for, including size, customization, included marketing and long-term features like security, the app design company you choose can greatly affect the outcome of your app. The following features will help you find the right mobile developer for your business.

Strategy & Design
Strategy and design is important if you have some idea of what you want the app to do but do not know what your consumers want, which features you need or what works well within your budget and timeline. The strategy might involve planning development stages, but depending on the mobile design company, it might also include in-depth research into your demographic and consumer base. Design and planning also include wireframes, mockups and design ideas for you to approve, ensuring that you like the app before you pay for it to be built.

App security is extremely important, especially if you intend to use the app as a mobile store. However, even if you do not have any purchases in the app, it is still your responsibility to protect your clients' data when they log on and access the app. For this reason, it is a good idea to look for apps that offer encryption, data management and protection for your visitors.

Marketing is not a must-have feature for an app, especially if you know how to do it yourself, but if you do not, then it can help you with getting your app off the ground. Long-term marketing for social media, search engines and improving downloads are all available options for some app design companies. However, these services cost extra and are not required by everyone.

Package Options
If you need multiple services, such as concept design, mock-ups, marketing, strategies, or long-term management and maintenance, then you should look for a mobile developer that offers these functions. Many developers offer packaged deals with everything you need to run your app for a year or more, which saves you time and the hassle of finding someone else to do it for you.

Knowing what you need in a mobile developer can help you with narrowing down the options to choose the best one available.