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Blog Services Review

Why Blog?

Blogging makes up an incredibly large part of the internet. Some of the highest-ranked media sites started as blogs. Blog services are so popular because they are accessible. It's the easiest and quickest avenue for those without HTML web creation talents to get their message online. This accessibility is largely due to many blog sites being free. Casual bloggers are able to post for fun. However, paid blog hosting allows you to access premium tools to attract traffic and start making money.

The two most common types of blogs are personal and professional. Personal blogs range from online journals and family blogs to special interests. These blogs can be about daily events and hobbies, or just hosts for images. Depending on the blogger, they can be shared to major search engines or be made private. Professional blogs promote products, provide consumer education and share business news. The content on these sites can be great marketing tools and also provide advice. Unless it's an internal page, these are shared publicly.

Even if you're not going to create the next big mommy blog or find success ranting about your favorite movies, there are countless reasons to enhance your creativity by starting a blog. You may even make a few dollars along the way. To look at our highest-ranked blog platforms, see our reviews on WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger. For more information about this topic, check out our articles on the best blog services.

Blog Services: What to Look For

Blogging can be a highly personal endeavor, so look for a blog site that suits your needs. Some blog tools tie into personal pages, whereas others integrate social networking. Other blog services are intended for professional use and offer the ability to customize templates, monitor visitors and track referrers. So, when looking for a blog service, pick one that offers you the kind of exposure you want and complements your level of expertise. We used the following criteria to evaluate blog hosting services.

Blog Design Tools
The top blog sites offer an assortment of templates and tools to customize blog entries, including the capability to add photos and sidebar links. Services ought to offer tools for experienced coders as well as non-coders, such as the ability to compose posts in code or through a text editor.

Feature Management
You'll use some of the most important features of a blog after you write a post. The best blog services allow you to block spam through comment moderation and word or IP banning. A media library for every picture you upload and a blog archive sidebar are also crucial features.

Widgets and plug-ins are absolutely necessary in a decent blog platform. These widgets can help you make money by adding affiliate ads. A number of sites host their own blogs with a directory, while other blogging services facilitate blog design and submit your blog to several directories. A few also offer tools to help you track visitors, referrers and comments.

Help & Support
Since many blogging sites are free, technical support is principally limited to online documentation like FAQs and searchable knowledgebases. However, the best sites also post user forums and advice blogs to get you started.

Blogging is a fun and accessible way to record your thoughts, stories or events. Whether you blog for personal or professional reasons, you will want the blog service that fits you best.