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LiveJournal Review

PROS / You can share your blog with like-minded fans and communities.

CONS / The appearance and interface of the site is difficult to sift through.

 VERDICT / LiveJournal is a better news feed than a quality blog service.

LiveJournal started out as a social networking site but over the years has transitioned into a very simple blog platform and journal community. In 2007, LiveJournal was sold to a Russian company yet still runs an updated home page that appears to be a scaled-down version of Reddit. Essentially, entertainment stories are collected from around the web and posted to this blog service for its community to read and share.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but LiveJournal's interface requires that you look deeper than its bland appearance and focus more on its posting features. This free blog hosting site includes numerous templates and lets you add your own custom CSS style sheet if you prefer that to the standard HTML or basic text editor. LiveJournal works also as a secondary online journal service. You can take your published journal entries from LiveJournal and embed them into your own site.

This blog hosting site will work great for English and Russian speakers. However, if you only speak and read English, you'll have to sort through several Russian posts per page. If you are planning to post to this blog hosting site, you should know that your audience is limited.

The real benefit of LiveJournal is the emphasis on communities. The purpose of LiveJournal is to keep you on its site and allow you to join its unending list of forums and conversations. We were surprised at how many blog posts were updated and linked directly to this site. This mentality feels about ten years behind the times of blog community popularity, but it was refreshing to see these basic blogs support each other through backlinks and comments.

The best part of this service is the part that you'll use most frequently. Creating a new post is simple, as LiveJournal uses a scaled-down version of its competitors' creation spaces. This blog service allows you to upload images, videos and audio files. You can even set the mood of your post using a drop-down box. This service promotes the use of extraneous LJ tokens, which you earn and buy to utilize upgrades, plug-ins and widgets.

While this is a free blog host, there are advantages to paying for a premium site. On the free side, your blog will have ads that you don't benefit from. However, you can choose what type of ads are shown. The paid version cuts annoying ads from your site. A paid version will also add space to your media library by giving you more storage.


LIveJournal works far better as a niche-interest news forum than a blog service. It can't compare when it comes to the best blog sites. When creating posts, the dashboard is sturdy and simple, but the entire site built around blogging weighs it down. At best, LiveJournal would work as a secondary blog site. It's a way for people to find similarly minded fan communities.

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