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Squarespace Review

PROS / Squarespace has an easy-to-navigate interface and is a good choice for beginners.

CONS / There is not a free option. You will have to pay the monthly cost to run a blog.

 VERDICT / Squarespace has a fantastic balance of advanced blog features and will help your blog's exposure on major search engines.

In the past few years, Squarespace has quickly risen through the sea of competing blog services and website creators to be one of the best programs all around. Squarespace offers a blog hosting option that makes it easy to set up a professional-looking blog or a full website, which Squarespace will host on its servers.

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Squarespace focuses on professional-looking design and reliability. It is one of the few blog platforms in our rankings that requires a paid account, but its quality is impressive. With the exception of our top service, you will accomplish more with your blog using Squarespace than you would with its competition.

This paid blog hosting platform easily has one of the best interfaces for designing, customizing and personalizing your blog without needing to know programming language or find third-party templates. Because of this, Squarespace is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for blog services.

Design Tools

No other service offers the level of customization in blog design that Squarespace does. In order to get the same level of control over your blog design in other services, you need to know how to alter the code yourself. While it's possible to customize your Squarespace blog design by altering the CSS code, that is unnecessary for all but the pickiest users.

The basic Squarespace template allows you to change just about every aspect of your blog page, from the fonts, headers and backgrounds to just how wide you want your columns to be and the order they appear in. Each module is movable, so you can change the configuration of the widgets and plugins that display on your blog as well as add or delete them. There are more widgets and plugins at your disposal than the average user will need, including all the most common ones, like blogrolls, link lists, calendars and polls.

Posting blogs in the Squarespace interface is a pretty standard affair. A text box allows you to format your text with all the basic word processing tools. If you prefer to alter your text and formatting at the HTML level, there is an option to view the code.

Feature Management

The creation process is extremely simple in Squarespace, and the interface for uploading blogs and pictures is simple enough. It's fairly similar to other services. The most obvious feature that makes Squarespace more useful is the tracking tools mentioned above. It's easy to identify which stats you are looking for, and the charts are easy to read.

You can post blogs to your Squarespace account even if you aren't near a computer. This service provides a great app for iPhones and iPads. It doesn't currently offer an Android app, but its website claims to be working on it.

Squarespace is also one of the few blog services that gives you traffic stats without the need for a third-party plugin, which is especially useful if you are starting a public or business blog.


As we mentioned above, Squarespace is one of the few blog services that comes with built-in traffic stat tracking. Most other services require you to install a third-party plugin. Squarespace's stat service tracks most of the data you might want to know. In fact, if you only want to create a personal blog, the stats will be far more than you need. However, if you are creating a public or business blog, they will be quite useful.

Squarespace stats are monitored and displayed in real time through simple graphs and charts. The service tracks visitors and page views, and it even differentiates between human and bot hits to your pages, a useful bit of data that other services don't provide. You can also easily view where your posts rank on Google searches. Squarespace even keeps track of where people go once they reach your site, whether they see other pages on your blog or go to other sites.

If you have a blog with more than one author, the Squarespace system can track all changes and who made them. This is a particularly useful way to manage content if you have more than one contributor.

Help & Support

Squarespace has surprisingly thorough resources for its users in case of problems or questions. Of course, a robust support system is only appropriate if you are using a paid service. The standard methods of customer support, email and FAQs, are there. Squarespace also provides a detailed set of documents that explain how the product works and answer many basic questions. Video tutorials show how the site works and what features are available. It also has a forum where all Squarespace users can ask and answer common questions and technical issues.


Squarespace is an excellent option if you want to create a unique blog with reliable hosting. The features and hosting options are well worth the price tag. Squarespace is the full blog service package.

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