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Product Sourcing Review

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PROS / The company does not charge restocking fees and has helpful inventory management tools, such as low inventory notification.

CONS / There are no market research tools or product photo export features, so you have to copy and paste images.

 VERDICT / Product Sourcing has a high membership fee and lacks the extras that you will find with other services.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is a subsidiary of Doba.com. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Product Sourcing offers a good merchandise selection, including electronics, entertainment and beauty products. This dropshipping company has eBay and Amazon data export features and low inventory notification, which are convenient tools not every dropshipper offers.

The export features are user-friendly. You can export product descriptions, but you still have to copy and paste images, which takes extra time, especially if you have to resize the images. If you want to list multiple items, this is an annoyance. Many lower-priced services offer photo exporting.

The website offers free membership, but non-paying members don't receive access to the entire product catalog or any inventory management features. In fact, the product selection is so small with the free product site that it is not worth using. You have to upgrade to a paid membership to have access to the site's true benefits. The fees with this dropshipper are high, but the company does not charge any dropshipping fees per order or restocking fees, which is a bonus.

The company lacks website building and customization services, but with its shopping cart integration, you can use the service with your current website if you have a compatible platform. You have to call the company ahead of time to find out whether or not your cart integrates.

Product Sourcing sends you an automatic notice when the inventory of items listed in your store is low so you can discontinue the items. Otherwise, buyers can purchase an item not knowing that it is out of stock. If that happens, you have to return the buyer's money, and it can result in a negative seller rating.

There are not many selling membership options or tools to help you move your inventory, so if you are new to selling and need extra help, this service is not as well rounded as others, especially because it does not have market research tools. A good but small product selection gives you access to popular items, but there are less expensive services with larger selections out there.

The company has responsive customer service. We got answers to email questions within 24 hours. We found telephone hold times to be short, and the representatives we spoke with were knowledgeable and helpful. Instead of offering a free trial, the company offers free membership with limited access to features and products, which is not ideal.


Product Sourcing offers some of the things we look for in a good dropshipping business, such as export features and shopping cart integration, but it lacks many of the selling tools you will find with the best dropshipping companies.