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Ashop Commerce Review

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PROS / This eCommerce software provides an excellent customer checkout experience.

CONS / Ashop does not integrate with Amazon, eBay or WordPress.

 VERDICT / Ashop Commerce is a good choice for an eCommerce solution for basic online stores that see a lot of traffic, although it lacks features to let you integrate with outside services.

Ashop Commerce eCommerce software employs good website design features, unlimited bandwidth, over 70 payment options and marketing tools to increase traffic to your eCommerce website and build your credibility among potential customers. It lacks the ability to integrate with common online stores like eBay and website builders but nonetheless offers a good eCommerce software with excellent customer service.

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This eCommerce solution offers some of the most limited plans on our lineup in terms of storage space, but it allows unlimited bandwidth in all its plans. It also operates on a content delivery network, which means your customers have slightly faster upload times because they are interacting with the closest Ashop server in a network rather than communicating with one server in a central location. If you are going with the basics and are concerned with accommodating a lot of traffic, which might include chats or online seminars as well as financial transactions, Ashop is worth checking out.

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The website builder helps you make a strong first impression with a professional and aesthetically pleasing eCommerce website. Ashop Commerce offers more than 125 design templates, along with several customization tools to make your online store unique.

If you have a large inventory, you can use the bulk-upload feature. With the more expensive packages, you can do bulk editing to save hours of monotonous work.

The software isn't as feature heavy as most, but it has all the basics you'd find in most eCommerce platforms. It also has an abandoned-cart feature, which lets you contact customers who put items in a cart but left without purchasing. In addition, it has customer review tools, a loyalty program, product-comparison features and the ability to manage affiliates.

Ashop Commerce creates a mobile-responsive storefront, an important feature, as studies have shown over 40 percent of consumers use smartphones and tablets to shop. It doesn't integrate with Amazon or eBay stores, however, nor does it integrate with WordPress to let you sell products there. Many other eCommerce platforms let you increase your store's exposure by selling through these online venues.

Ashop Commerce lets you customize sales reports for in-depth marketing analysis. Activity is SSL protected, and this eCommerce solution provides fraud-detection services.

This program offers excellent support and guidance. You can reach a customer service representative by telephone, support ticket and live chat. A variety of online resources is available, including the user guide and a knowledgebase with information on a wide range of topics. There are also FAQs and a support forum on the Ashop Commerce website.


Ashop Commerce gives you a good feature set for creating a basic online store, and its bandwidth and content-development network make it particularly useful if you have a traffic-heavy store. This application guides you through the entire setup process and offers marketing, SEO and analysis tools. It lacks a few integration features, and the memory is smaller than what other companies offer, but overall, Ashop Commerce is a robust eCommerce website builder.

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