Pros / ShopSite provides a store wizard that makes the setup process simple and hassle free. This application is also easy to navigate and offers fraud protection tools.

Cons / This eCommerce software lacks many features. You also need to set up a separate hosting account and credit card processing account to use this service.

 Verdict / This application is very basic when it comes to features and tools. It is best for setting up a small online store.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

If you are looking for eCommerce software that will let you create a small online store, ShopSite is worth looking at. This application is extremely basic and provides just enough features and tools to help you manage your inventory. Be aware that this service doesn’t provide web hosting.

We reviewed the starter package of ShopSite, which is ideal for a very small online store. This package allows you to sell only 15 products, which is one of the smallest inventories that we saw available on an online shopping cart. You can sell physical goods, but to sell downloads, you'll need to upgrade the program.

The store wizard makes this application user-friendly and enjoyable to use. However, with only nine design templates, you'll want to use the customization features to make your website unique. ShopSite is fast to set up, and after spending some time with this eCommerce software, you should be able to manage your online business with few problems. ShopSite is one of the few eCommerce software packages that work with WordPress.

ShopSite offers only website building tools, a shopping cart and website tracking tools, not website hosting. If you've already paid for a hosting plan elsewhere and now want to add eCommerce to your website, this package can work for you.

ShopSite offers you secure order management so that you can view your orders securely from any computer connected to the web. It's painless to download your orders and save them in separate accounting software or an Excel spreadsheet for processing. However, to receive reports, you'll need to purchase an upgraded version. Reports include customizable sales reports, low inventory alerts and Google Analytics.

If you want to let your customers pay via credit card, you'll need to purchase a credit card processing account elsewhere. However, ShopSite offers risk tools such as a secure server (SSL) for transactions and CVV2 code requirements, which means that your financial transactions are encrypted and that customers must enter a value printed on the physical credit card to make a purchase. The credit card company you select will offer you more fraud-protection tools. One nice feature not found in all eCommerce software is that ShopSite gives your customer the option to pay in a different currency. It can handle two currency types of your choosing, like dollars and euros.

There are a handful of support resources available for this eCommerce software. There are several articles on different aspects of the site, along with tutorials, getting started guides and a blog. You can also communicate with technical support representative via email and telephone.

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ShopSite is a good choice, especially if you’re just getting started in eCommerce. As one of the most basic applications we reviewed, it offers simplicity and easy navigation. However, it lacks many features for creating a professional and well-managed website that other products offer. Nonetheless, for the price, it's a good starter program for a very small online business.

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