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The Best Enterprise Chat Software of 2017

Business Benefits of Chat Software

The Best Enterprise Chat Software of 2017
Our Ranking Enterprise Chat Software
1 Velaro
2 Comm100
3 LiveChat
4 WebsiteAlive
5 Live Guide
6 LivePerson
7 BoldChat
8 ClickAndChat
9 Moxie
10 SnapEngage

Enterprise Chat Software Review

Why Use Enterprise Chat Software?

Having customers on hold for long periods or having them talk with an agent who cannot answer their questions is a recipe for business disaster. Such scenarios produce customers who never buy from your company again. Chat software allows customers to use familiar text messaging and gives them prompt, well-informed help. Not only can your agents answer customer questions in a more modern, timely and personal way, they can also interface with several customers at the same time. This is a more productive business model than one-on-one phone calls or emails. It also provides your business with a variety of tools to mine and analyze the derived data. We found that for larger enterprises, the best live chat services were Velaro, Comm100 and LiveChat. As you check out our enterprise chat software reviews, you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of these companies and find articles about the business benefits of enterprise chat software.

Enterprise Chat Software: What to Look For

Enterprise chat services give you the tools you need to build your business and the loyalty that turns visitors into lifelong customers. We used the following criteria in our live chat software review to rank these benefits and services:

Host Environment
In our enterprise chat comparisons, we looked for software that integrated with the applications your business already uses. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools were on the top of our list with integration to social media sites not far behind. We also considered whether you could route your chats to the appropriate expert or department and if you could administer your live chat application remotely. We looked at whether the enterprise chat software contained a customizable application interface (API) that could allow your IT department to connect to less popular or internally built applications. And, with the rising popularity of tablets and smart phones, we noted whether mobile platforms are enabled for such devices.

Operator & Customer Chat
In the best enterprise chat software, you can see the websites your customers come from, the browsers they use, their geographical locations, their past purchases, their chat histories and other tracking metrics. Hiring operators that speak languages other than English can also be important, so we also noted if the chat software contains real-time language translation. If your enterprise operates in other countries, our comparisons can also tell you if the enterprise chat software can be wholly implemented in a different language. And while audio chat is not a time saver, if you need it occasionally, we also let you know if it’s available.

Enterprise Security
Larger enterprises are always concerned with the security of their information. In our side-by-side comparisons, we made special note of considerations like secure connections and the ability to block IP addresses that are spamming or being inappropriate with operators. You can also find out from our reviews which companies have support departments that are available 24 hours a day.

Enterprise Reports
One of the most significant metrics an eCommerce site needs is a chat-to-sales conversion report, which allows you to see if a chat was instrumental in helping a customer complete a shopping cart transaction. Other useful reports include general satisfaction with the chat experience, how individual operators are rated, how many chat opportunities are missed and the needs of the staffing department based on previous chat history.

We’ve provided a wealth of information in our side-by-side comparisons and in-depth reviews. The best chat software for your company will be a combination of these features. Above all, choose a software that gives your customers a wonderful experience and that provides you with the reporting information that will help guide and grow your company.