Pros / BoldChat’s open API allows extensive customization.

Cons / The chat windows do not support real-time translation.

 Verdict / BoldChat is powerful and secure live chat that also lets you process credit cards.

We considered BoldChat’s Premier edition for this review. Its innovative and unusually robust features helped it earn a well-deserved place alongside our other enterprise chat software offerings. Its host environment includes an automated, tiered chat routing that balances chats between agents and copious monitoring and reporting capabilities. The open application programming interface (API) allows everything from surveys, chat windows and promotional pop-ups to be radically customized. It also lets proprietary applications become part of your BoldChat software.

The operator dashboard is a hive of information. Operators can help customers fill out forms, complete purchases in shopping carts and access technical support. The dashboard also gives your operators the ability to view customers' referring webpages, the keywords they used to find your site, their geographical location and their chat history. In addition, operators can follow a customer with Auto Browser. This allows your agent to see all of the webpages a customer goes to. Basic co-browsing allows agents and customers to view the same web pages, and advanced co-browsing allows the operator to "drive" the customer’s computer − a big advantage when resolving technical issues.

Administrators can use the dashboard to set-up visitor alerts and notifications to help operators know when a customer places a high-value item in a cart or lingers on a page for a specified amount of time. Managers and other agents are also able to make suggestions right in an operator’s chat window, using a whisper tool. These prompts allow new agents to get help without customers seeing the text. While there is no real-time language translation, the application itself is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and French, and chat buttons can be customized for any language.

BoldChat’s generated data provides you with information you can use to build a stronger business. You can use this data to monitor and adjust your marketing campaigns, note how many business chats lead to purchases and better schedule your agents. You can even see which search terms brought a visitor to your site. Informative reports can also be emailed automatically to your board of trustees, investors and employees.

If we judge BoldChat by the strength of its security, it does well. Unlike most of its competitors, this corporate chat software's communications are, by default, encrypted with SSL technology. Another less common feature is BoldChat’s masking of numeric strings. This security function masks out all data sets and makes them inaccessible in the live chat or in any stored transcripts. This allows your company to process customer credit card information, social security numbers and other private information in the chat window without worrying about the data being compromised. BoldChat also boasts an exceptional 99.9 percent up time − vital for larger enterprises.

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  • 10 agents
  • 100 agents
  • 500 agents
  • 1,000 agents
  1. The cost for 10 agents a month
    Less is better.
  2. 7  BoldChat
  3. 1  Velaro
  4. $490.0
  5. $590.0
  6. Category Average


BoldChat’s powerful Premier software provides enterprise chat software that can improve customer loyalty, increase sales conversion rates and give you powerful reporting tools to build your business. Together, these features can translate into significant growth in your corporate profitability.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Operator & Customer Chat

Visitor Tracking Percentage
Co-Web Browsing
File Sharing
Multiple Languages
Real-time Translation
Audio Chat

Enterprise Security

SSL Secure Connection
Access Restriction
Disable File Sharing
Block IP Addresses
24 x 7 Support

Enterprise Reports

Chat to Sales Conversion
Customer Satisfaction
Missed Chats
Operator Rating
Staffing Prediction
Custom Reports

Host Environment

Built-In CRM Integration
Social Media Integration
Tiered Chat Routing
Customizable API
Remote Administration
Mobile Support
Create & Track Campaigns
Deploy Across Multiple Websites
Customizable Chat Components


The cost for 10 agents a month
The cost for 100 agents a month
The cost for 500 agents a month
The cost for 1,000 agents a month