Pros / Live Guide comes with two-way audio and visual chat capabilities.

Cons / Automatic integration is not provided for the Salesforce CRM.

 Verdict / Live Guide is powerful, flexible and one of the most easily implemented enterprise chat software options available.

No matter the kind of company you run, those you do business with always need access to customer service. One of the best ways to give them convenient support, while at the same time gathering vital business data for your company, is to use an enterprise chat software like Live Guide from Netop. Based in Denmark, with other operations located in the U.S., Great Britain, China, Romania and Switzerland, Live Guide has implemented corporate chat in large companies around the world, including half of the U.S.’s Fortune 100.

Netop is focused on making Live Guide as efficient, powerful and simple as possible. The operator dashboard is exceptionally intuitive and uncluttered, allowing agents to respond quickly to inquiries from customers and handle multiple chat sessions at one time.

One of Live Guide’s biggest advantages is that no download or installation is necessary for implementation. All you do is log in to your account on the Live Guide servers and begin a new live-chat campaign. Not only is the process easy, you can still set up the service to meet your company’s needs. You can customize chat windows, buttons, triggers, keywords, reporting and canned messages.

You can also customize the pre- and post-chat surveys. These help you get valuable marketing information about your visitors and critical information about your operations. To better serve your customers, you can use these surveys to assign employees to specific departments or skill sets. This routing helps provide operators who resolve customer concerns in a more effective fashion.

As younger customers turn more frequently to mobile computing, the ability to handle live chat from any platform becomes vital. Live Guide provides excellent support for mobile computing. It also allows you to incorporate two-way audio and video chat into your websites.

To turn casual browsing into sales, operators can help with technical issues or inform customers of any promotions. Your operator can also access an entire series of customer identifiers such as customer histories, geographical location and the websites the customers have been browsing. Benefits of this information cannot be underestimated. Customers, for example, never need repeat their concerns to a different agent, because their history is logged. The gathered information can also be used to establish more effective company strategies. Live Guide interfaces with Google products like AdWords and Analytics to help glean this information. It also connects automatically to popular customer relationship management (CRM) application Zendesk, although not to Salesforce.

Netop designed its business chat software with highly regulated companies in mind. To this end, all chat sessions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology along with multiple layers of additional security. For even more security, data is stored in a randomized fashion so that access to a complete and intact file is practically impossible.

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  • 10 agents
  • 100 agents
  • 500 agents
  • 1,000 agents
  1. The cost for 10 agents a month
    Less is better.
  2. 5  Live Guide
  3. 1  Velaro
  4. $490.0
  5. $590.0
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Live Guide is a powerful, efficient and scalable corporate chat software available at a competitive price. Excellent reporting tools, clean design and hassle-free installation make Live Guide a good option for your enterprise chat software. Live Guide boasts that companies implementing their business chat usually see a significant increase in sales along with more customer loyalty and access to a data set that improves the company’s overall business direction. For all these reasons, if you're looking for enterprise-level chat, make sure you take a detailed look at Netop’s Live Guide.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Operator & Customer Chat

Visitor Tracking Percentage
Co-Web Browsing
File Sharing
Multiple Languages
Real-time Translation
Audio Chat

Enterprise Security

SSL Secure Connection
Access Restriction
Disable File Sharing
Block IP Addresses
24 x 7 Support

Enterprise Reports

Chat to Sales Conversion
Customer Satisfaction
Missed Chats
Operator Rating
Staffing Prediction
Custom Reports

Host Environment

Built-In CRM Integration
Social Media Integration
Tiered Chat Routing
Customizable API
Remote Administration
Mobile Support
Create & Track Campaigns
Deploy Across Multiple Websites
Customizable Chat Components


The cost for 10 agents a month
The cost for 100 agents a month
The cost for 500 agents a month
The cost for 1,000 agents a month