Let's Find The Right Document Management Software For You

Hundreds of documents are created, edited and shared in your business daily, which can make managing files a struggle. M-Files is an enterprise content management solution designed to take away this frustration. It provides a variety of features, including versioning, integration and mobile options so your files are easy to find and edit, and are secure.

M-Files is designed to make your workflow a much easier, faster and more efficient process. With this solution, you can specify who is in charge of each task, so the correct individual can view or approve content before it is distributed to others. This means that once a document has been approved, edited or reviewed, it will automatically be sent to the next designated person. This individual can receive an email alerting them a document is ready and available to be accessed.

In addition, individuals can approve new versions of content before it is distributed, and there are versioning capabilities, allowing you to review past versions of documents. You can check documents in and out, which ensures that only one person at a time makes changes to a file.

M-Files also offers integration options. You can integrate M-Files directly with Microsoft Office, making the workflow process run smoothly and ensuring your corporation's documents are safely stored and easily accessible. You can view and edit all of your files directly in a Microsoft Office program.

In terms of security measures, you can set permissions for specific documents, meaning only certain individuals are allowed to view, edit or delete a file. If a file is not permitted to an individual, it will not appear when they search for the document. You can access this solution on your mobile device and work offline if you cannot connect to the internet.

When working with a significant amount of important data, you need things to run smoothly. If problems, questions or concerns arise, you need someone available to help. M-Files provides telephone and support ticket options. There are FAQs available on M-Files' website.

Additionally, there are a handful of online resources: tips and guides, brochures and videos. You may also access the community on the M-Files website, which provides additional information and technical guidance.

M-Files is an enterprise CMS that offers a depth of features. It not only offers numerous options for editing and collaborating your content, but it allows you to get all content changes approved before it is distributed around the company. M-Files can help manage the files and documents for your large business and provides the tools needed to keep your company's workflow continual.