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M-Files DMS Review

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PROS / This enterprise content management (ECM) system offers cloud storage, document imaging and backup capabilities. This is also one of the most user-friendly ECM solutions we tested.

CONS / M-Files does not offer any live chat support options.

 VERDICT / This ECM solution is simple to use and offers powerful management features. This system’s security tools met our full expectations, as did its advanced workflow process.

Dozens, maybe hundreds, of documents are created, edited and shared in your business on a daily basis, which can make managing files a struggle. M-Files DMS is an enterprise content management solution that takes away this frustration. This ECM solution is one of the most user-friendly systems available. It provides a variety of management features including versioning, integration and document imaging to ensure your files are easy to find, edit and secure. This system also provides outstanding security features such as backups, audit trails and permissions, which all help protect confidential company information. With all that M-Files offers for managing your corporation’s files, it is easy to see why this digital document management solution is our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner.

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Management & Collaboration

M-Files received full marks for the variety and power of their management features. This system allows you to attach keywords to stored documents. It also provides full-text capabilities, allowing you to search the entire body of a document for a specific word, term or phrase. This tool helps you find all content that is associated with a specific term.

One of the standout features of this enterprise content management software is its automated workflow solution. M-Files allows you to create a designated workflow for your documents. This means that once a document has been approved, edited or reviewed, it will automatically be sent to the next designated person. This individual can receive an email alerting them a document is ready and available to be accessed. This powerful workflow solution eliminates the need for physically passing along documents that can often become lost. It also ensures the document is seen by all appropriate personnel.

M-Files also offers excellent integration options. You can integrate M-Files directly with Microsoft Office, making the workflow process run smoothly and ensuring your corporation’s documents are safely stored and easily accessible. You can also view and edit all of your files directly in a Microsoft Office program. Additionally, M-Files is compatible with AutoCad.

Document Tools & Integration

M-Files allows you to easily open, view and edit all files and documents. You can save files in any format including PDF. You can also create hyperlinks and shortcuts to files, making it even easier to locate the documents you or another employee may need. Additionally, we were impressed with the ability to create templates using M-Files. With just a few clicks, you can create a proposal or any other type of document. This can save you a large amount of time, particularly if you create several similar documents on a regular basis.

Version control is also included with M-Files, which allows you to access the newest and previous versions of a document. Even if the file has been edited several times and by several individuals, you can always access the most recent content. This prevents wasting a significant amount of time making duplicate changes to a file.

Security & Compliance

The security measures provided by M-Files met our full expectations. You can set permissions for specific documents, meaning only certain individuals are allowed to view, edit or delete a file. If a file is not permitted to an individual, it will not appear when they search for the document.

Additionally, this document management system offers excellent auditing options. You can view all previous versions of a document and see what changes were made. You can also check documents in and out, which ensures that only one person at a time makes changes to a file.

One of the advantages to using M-Files is their backup capabilities. You can turn on automatic scheduled backups, ensuring all documents are available no matter what disaster may happen.

Help & Support

When working with a significant amount of important data, you need things to run smoothly. If problems, questions or concerns arise, you need someone available to help. M-Files provides excellent support options including email and telephone support. We would have liked to see live chat options, but this is not a necessity. There are also FAQs available on the M-Files website that can assist you with many questions you may have.

Additionally, there are a handful of online resources available to help you with this enterprise content management solution. There are tips and guides, brochures and videos to aid you. You may also access the community on the M-Files website, which provides additional information and technical guidance.


The M-Files enterprise content management system exceeded our expectations. We were impressed with the simplicity of the system, along with the depth of features it offers. M-Files provides many tools that are unique to an enterprise CMS such as backup capabilities and a vast selection of online resources. M-Files is an excellent option to help manage the files and documents for your large business and is a digital document management system that receives our highest recommendation.