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Pros / The mobile version of Kayako’s live chat is robust and easy for customers to use.

Cons / Kayako offers so much information that training your support team to understand and use it all may take some time.

 Verdict / If you are planning to add live chat to your website, Kayako Engage is an inexpensive and full-featured offering.

Kayako offers three services: Case, Fusion and Engage. Case is focused on ticketing, Engage is Kayako’s live chat service and Fusion offers both. While Fusion is used by many larger companies, such as NASA, Toshiba and MTV, our review focuses on the company's live chat software, Engage. Most small and medium-sized companies find that Engage meets their live chat needs. However, the many options offered may make Engage a little harder to learn than other less complex products.

On the IT side, starting your implementation requires just a snippet of computer code placed in your website’s HTML. This puts a chat window on your website that is accessible from both desktop computers and mobile devices. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to easily customize your chat windows and buttons. And while real-time translation is not available, IT departments can implement the live chat application in their preferred language. So, for example, agents and customers in France can be working in a completely French-speaking operator environment but would not be able to translate a conversation in another language.

On the operator side, the robust services offered by Kayako may initially seem a little intimidating. However, with training, your support agents can provide both improved customer service and valuable business data. For example, customer support agents are able to share helpful screenshots with your customers, transfer documents and, with the customer’s permission, take control of his or her desktop to resolve more complicated technical issues.

When it comes to business data, your agents are able to see and collect information about the sites that customers arrive from, their geographical location, the system software they are using and the browser search terms that led them to you. Collecting and using this data can drive business decisions and add significantly to your company’s ability to tailor its business goals to meet customer needs.

As you’d expect from a support service provider, its own customer support is generally very good. The company website is well designed and easy to navigate. There is a knowledgebase and a community forum that provides information of all kinds. The phone is picked up promptly, and wait times on the phone were short. However, we found that responses to our emails were delayed, with 24 hours between response times, and that it took a relatively long time to get questions answered once we were on live chat.


Kayako’s Engage offers a rich set of traditional chat components, like customizable invitations and windows, an agent spellchecker, image sharing, and being able to control another’s desktop. It also provides the ability to see and track important business data. Companies of all sizes can appreciate the improved customer support and business-building capabilities of this software.