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Velaro Review

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PROS / With Velaro, your operators can interact with customers using desktop and mobile platforms.

CONS / Real-time language translation is not available in the Business Basics package.

 VERDICT / Despite a few missing features, Velaro offers an extremely user-friendly entry point for small and medium businesses that want to add live chat to their support services.

Velaro offers an exceptionally easy-to-use live chat service for all levels of business. However, its ability to grow with your company makes it an exceptionally useful product for small and medium-sized businesses. Because this review is focused on such businesses, we only considered the features offered in Velaro’s entry-level Business Basics package. As your company’s needs change, other features can be found and implemented through the company’s higher-priced products.

The basic host environment of Velaro’s web chat software is easy to use. It supports both desktop and mobile visitors to your site. You can make the chat windows and invitations match the look and feel of your website. You can monitor all agent interactions and view many native reports through the administrator control panel. And while the application programming interface (API) at this price level is not open to developers, you can automatically integrate to Google Analytics. This gives you web measuring and reporting tools beyond the ones provided by Velaro. You can use the tool sets together to build a more targeted business.

There are a few functions missing from Velaro’s Business Basics package. This software can't complete remote desktop sessions, which allow your agent to operate a customer’s desktop remotely and are often the best way to fix technical issues. Google Translate is also not enabled. Google Translate allows operators who receive queries in a foreign language to instantly translate those questions into English, reply in English and have the reply returned to the customer in their own language.

As with the best live chat solutions on our review, Velaro integrates with other important business services, such as Salesfore CRM and Facebook. However, many of these integrations cost you an additional fee rather than being included as with our top-ranked helpdesk software.

Velaro provides real-time visitor monitoring, which allows you to customize your Velaro Desktop view and set filters in order to find visitor information quickly and efficiently. When you employ filters, your agents are able to see which customers would benefit from live chat support and then deploy a proactive chat invitation. They can also see previous chats and surveys, recent search words, and the approximate location each customer is chatting from.

Help and support features are also easy to find and navigate. A support tab that invites you to “Chat Now” is located at the top of every page on the Velaro website. At the bottom of the page, you have access to several support options. You can click the support link to find a blog, videos, downloads, training and downloadable PDF guides. For additional support, you can contact phone support.


As your business grows and changes, Velaro's chat system can change with it. Even at the Business Basics level, the ease of use, monitoring capabilities, features and help are very robust. Features are easily added by changing programs and pricing levels. Velaro is a valid option for live support software that can grow with your business.