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Adobe SendNow Review

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PROS / Adobe SendNow allows you to convert all large files into PDFs to eliminate the worry of other individuals making unauthorized changes to your documents. You can also store all your files with Adobe SendNow for any length of time.

CONS / This online file sharing site does not provide an MS Outlook plugin. There is no mobile access either, which would allow you to share and access your files from your smartphone or tablet.

 VERDICT / Adobe SendNow is an ideal choice for smaller businesses' needs. This file sharing site has many standout features, but the lack of several advanced options such as MS Outlook integration and a custom dropbox makes it difficult for larger businesses to use.

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Adobe SendNow

Being able to upload files and send them to colleagues, clients and other individuals in a timely and efficient manner is something that Adobe SendNow does with ease. This online file sharing service provides the necessary tools to help you share large files from your business or home in a few simple steps. Adobe SendNow provides online storage in addition to its wide selection of file sharing features. This file sharing site doesn’t offer many advanced options, however, and a few aspects of the service could use some improvements; regardless, Adobe once again does not disappoint its customers.

With this file sharing service, you can send all file types. Using Adobe SendNow, you can convert all of your large files to PDFs, which prevents unauthorized individuals from making unnecessary changes to the documents and makes your files more manageable. This service does not set a limit on the number of times you can download or send files. However, you are only able to send files that are no more than 2GB in size.

Adobe SendNow provides three different pricing plans with variations in each. One of the main differences is the amount of online storage available in each plan. For example, the Basic Plan gives you 5GB of storage space for you files, whereas the Plus Plan gives you 20GB of storage space. One large benefit of this online file sharing service is that no time-limit restrictions are placed on stored files. You can store your files with Adobe for as long as you like.

Even though Adobe SendNow provides many necessary features, it lacks a few advanced features such as a custom dropbox, which would allow others to upload files directly on your website. There are no MS Outlook Plugin capabilities either, which would make it possible to integrate your Outlook contacts with the service to make file sharing a faster process.

If you’re looking for a file sharing service that provides a desktop application, Adobe SendNow makes one available. The company's free drag-and-drop app lets you connect directly to Adobe SendNow without having to open a web browser. It also remembers the settings you last used. However, we are disappointed that this file sharing site does not provide any type of mobile access, which would allow you to share files on the go.

Adobe SendNow provides solid tracking tools. One of the most important tracking tools it offers is an email return receipt, which is an email alert you receive when one of your files is downloaded. Adobe SendNow also provides detailed tracking when you're logged in to your account. You can view a complete history of file transactions, including who downloaded your files and the date and time when each download occurred.

Once your files are uploaded, Adobe SendNow has several built-in safety parameters to ensure that your data remains secure. You can adjust user access settings for each file, which helps keep confidential files under wraps while they are active on your account. Adobe SendNow also provides data encryption through a secure sockets layer (SSL) connection.

Adobe SendNow works hard to ensure that you receive answers to all your questions in a timely manner. An online forum is included with all of its plans, and this is a great place to post a question to receive help from experienced users. There is also toll-free phone support available on weekdays, and you access email support and live chat on the Adobe website website. If you prefer to find help on your own, FAQs are located at the top of the main page.


Adobe SendNow has a selection of options to help you upload files and share documents without much trouble. The lack of Outlook integration and a custom dropbox are drawbacks, and the ability to send files that are larger than 2GB would be a wonderful addition to this service. However, despite these missing tools, Adobe SendNow is an excellent option for sharing files and is certainly worth your consideration.

Adobe SendNow