Pros / Each user on the account gets 2TB of monthly bandwidth and unlimited storage.

Cons / The biggest file that you can share is 5GB.

 Verdict / Box is one of the best file sharing services because it has comprehensive features, a lot of bandwidth per user and unlimited storage, but you can only share files as large as 5GB.

Box is a file sharing website with a comprehensive list of features designed for sharing large files and optimizing cloud collaborations with your colleagues and clients. With a subscription, you get unlimited storage and up to 2TB of bandwidth for each user to share and receive files each month. While this isn't the unlimited bandwidth that other file sharing services offer, it's a significant amount of bandwidth that only businesses that deal with a lot of data would exceed. In addition, the many third-party apps to choose from make Box a versatile service for your business. For these reasons, Box earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best online file sharing service.

Share & Access Features

The best feature of Box is the unlimited storage and 2TB of monthly bandwidth per user. While 2TB of bandwidth doesn't compare to a plan with unlimited bandwidth, the fact that you get this with every user is significant – if you have 10 employees on your account, you get 20TB of bandwidth. With unlimited storage, every person on your account has plenty of storage and bandwidth to send files and collaborate as much as they need. Only businesses that share and receive large amounts of data would exceed this bandwidth limit. If you require more bandwidth, you have to upgrade to the enterprise account, which requires a quote.

Box's interface shares many similarities with Facebook. The familiarity of it makes it easy to navigate and use. You can share messages with the other users on your account and invite online collaborators to work in a share folder. You can view file activity in a tab similar to a news feed. You can even share files directly to your social networking sites. You can also share a file publicly by creating a URL for people to download it directly from your Box account.

The syncing feature allows you to mirror all your files on any of your devices. If you make changes to a file on your desktop, the changes mirror to your laptop and mobile devices when you save the file. This allows greater file sharing and editing because you're not limited to a single computer. You can share files or edit a presentation wherever you go throughout the day. In addition, you can integrate your Box account with many third-party apps, which makes it a great tool for increasing your workflow efficiency.

One significant flaw to Box's sharing features is the 5GB maximum file size. This is the smallest max file size in our review. While this is big enough to handle most files you'll ever share, you'll have to break large files into smaller parts if you want to upload and share. For example, an 8GB high-definition video of a video conference among clients would need to be cut into two files of 4GB.


To ensure secure file sharing, Box protects your files using 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. This means that the files are encrypted during the upload and download and while in storage on the servers. Encryption helps keep the contents of your files from hackers who gain access to the remote servers. In addition, to keep the servers safe from unwanted external and internal attacks, Box uses firewalls and virus scanners. You also have the option to protect the URL links that you create with passwords so that only the intended recipient sees the files.

One of the best security features that you get with Box is the remote wipe tool. This option allows you to remove files from any computer attached to your account. If you have multiple employees, clients or other users on your account, a remote wipe option is vital to ensuring that your files remain within your control when someone leaves the account. For example, if an employee leaves the company, you can delete all of the files associated with your Box account from the employee's computer, and you can do this from any web browser. In addition, this tool protects your files if one of your devices is stolen.

File Tracking Controls

Box's file-tracking features give you full control over how you share and edit files within and without your account. The audit log, which is similar to a news feed on Facebook, details all of the file activity. This includes how many times you share a file, how you shared the file, with whom you shared it and when it was received. You can also track the activity within the digital workspaces, keeping detailed records of all the edits made to the files within the folder.

With folder permissions, you can customize the roles of each user within your account. You can make it so that some users are only allowed to view files while others are allowed to edit files. You can also customize how much storage and bandwidth each user is allocated. For example, you may want to give a video editor 1TB of storage and the full 2TB of bandwidth, while assigning only 100GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth to a marketing director.

Another important file-tracking feature that you get with Box is identity verification. This allows you to require recipients to verify their identity before they download a file. You can set it up so that only a specific person can download a file or simply so you can keep track of who has downloaded a file from your account. You can also set expiration dates to files, which gives you control over the availability of public share links.

One of the most important file-tracking features is file versioning. Box maintains up to 100 versions of each file. This is a vital feature for digital workspaces, because multiple people edit the same file. File versioning creates a different version of the file every time you edit it. With multiple users editing the same file, you'll create many versions of the file. With 100 file versions, you have many versions to access if you need to restore the file to a point before any unwanted changes or errors.

Help & Support

With 24/7 phone support, you never have to wait for help, making Box one of the best online file sharing websites for customer service. If you encounter a problem sending a file in the middle of the night, you can get help. This extends to the live chat and email services. To help you optimize the features, Box has comprehensive training and tutorials. You can also access a FAQs page and user forums for quick reference to common issues or for ideas of how you can use your account.


Box's high monthly bandwidth, unlimited storage and comprehensive share features makes it one of the best online file sharing sites. The only downside is the 5GB maximum file size. The end-to-end encryption and remote wipe feature provide secure file sharing, while the file-tracking controls allow you to view all the activity within your account.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Share & Access Features

Bandwidth Limits
2TB (per User)
Maximum File Size
Digital Workspace
Public Share Links
Device Sync
iOS App
Android App
Third-Party App Integration
Microsoft Outlook Plugin
Custom Branding


SSL Encrypted Transfer
256-Bit AES Encrypted Storage
Remote Wipe
Firewall Protection
Password Protect Files
Virus Scanning

File Tracking Controls

File Versions
Audit Log
Folder Permissions
User Usage & Storage Settings
File Locking
Recipient Identity Verification
File Access Expiration

Subscription Plans

Business Plan Max Storage
Business Plan Subscription Cost
Business Plan Minimum Users
Personal Plan Max Storage
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