Pros / Dropbox integrates with over 100,000 third-party apps.

Cons / It doesn't have unlimited bandwidth.

 Verdict / Dropbox is extremely versatile because it can integrate with so many apps, allowing you to customize the service to your needs, but it lacks a few important file-tracking and security features.

Dropbox is the best-known online file sharing service because of the many ways you can use it with third-party apps and services. It's so versatile that there are even other file sharing services that integrate with it. The security features are average, though, and the file tracking lacks a few key features. Otherwise, this is one of the best file sharing services.

With over 100,000 apps that work with your Dropbox account, it's an impressive file sharing site for business and personal use. These apps all have different purposes, but the concept is the same – they allow you to share and receive files directly within the apps to streamline the interactions. For example, a music-creator app allows you to create and record riffs and melodies, and when you save a melody in the app, it automatically saves to your Dropbox account. You don't have to manually upload it or transfer it.

Dropbox has two ways of measuring bandwidth. You're either capped at 200GB per day or 6TB per month. With most accounts, you're not going to come close to reaching these bandwidth limits. However, the best online file sharing services have no caps on bandwidth, allowing you to share as much as you want or need. The storage depends on the plan. You can get up to 1TB of storage with the personal plan, but the business plan is charged according to what you use. Technically, that means that Dropbox offers unlimited storage, but since you pay for the storage you use, it can become costly if you exceed 1TB.

Dropbox's share folders provide any easy platform for cloud collaboration with whomever you want. You simply have to invite users to join the folder. If they accept the invitation, all the files sync on every user's computer so that any changes saved to a file immediately mirror to everyone's account. However, this requires that the users also have an account with Dropbox or a file sharing service capable of integrating with Dropbox.

One of the best file-tracking features included with Dropbox is the unlimited file versioning, which is available with the personal plans and the business plans. The only difference is the personal plan's file versions expire after 30 days, which means you can only restore versions of a file that were created within the last month. The business plan allows you to restore the file to any point in its history.

You can easily create a public link to share a file on Dropbox with anyone. This creates a URL for the recipient to download the file from any web browser. However, unlike the best file sharing services, you can't make the link expire, unless you delete the file from your account. You also can't customize the URL page to match your business or require the recipients to provide their identity for file-tracking purposes.

For secure file sharing, Dropbox protects files using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption when they are in transit or idle on the servers. This encryption keeps the content within your files safe if the servers are hacked. In addition, a firewall protects the servers, but it lacks a virus scanner. So while the servers are protected from unwanted external interactions, viruses are still able to corrupt the servers. Fortunately, the service also has a remote wipe tool that allows you to delete files on any computer connected to your account.


Dropbox is one of the most popular online file sharing services because of its seamless integration with over 100,000 third-party apps, making it a versatile and easy service to use. The 6TB per month or 200GB per day of bandwidth provides a lot of room for sharing and receiving files, but this still doesn't compare to the unlimited bandwidth of the best online file sharing services. Besides this, there are very few downsides to Dropbox.

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