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DropSend Review

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PROS / You get unlimited bandwidth for sharing files.

CONS / You can't sync devices.

 VERDICT / DropSend comes with unlimited bandwidth for sharing files, but it lacks key security and file-tracking features.

There's nothing fancy about DropSend, which is one of its most appealing features. It is, quite simply, an online file sharing service with a drag-and-drop interface. With unlimited bandwidth for sharing and receiving files, you can share and collaborate with co-workers and clients all you want without worrying about a fee. However, the unlimited bandwidth is only available for the professional plans. The personal plans each have severely restrictive bandwidth limits. In addition, the lack of key security and file-tracking features is a concern.

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DropSend allows you to upload and share files as large as 8GB. While this certainly allows you to share large media files, the best file sharing services allow you to share files that are 10GB or bigger. Some services don't limit the size of your files at all. This is only a minor downside, though, since it's rare to share or receive files that are 8GB or larger.

There are seven subscription plans – three personal plans, three business plans, and one enterprise plan that requires you to contact the sales department for a quote. The personal plans are each severely limited in how much storage you get and how many times you can share a file.

The biggest downside to this file sharing website is the lack of device syncing. You can't have your uploaded files mirrored on multiple devices, which is an important feature for online collaboration. For example, if you're working on a file from your desktop PC and you want to work on your laptop, you have to use a USB drive to transfer the file. With device syncing, the edited file would be mirrored on each device.

You create share folders with DropSend for online collaboration and file sharing. Instead of creating a sync folder that each user installs to their computer, you simply invite users to a folder that users access through a web browser. However, the interface is simple in its design. It lacks folder permissions, messaging capabilities and file versioning. Anyone invited to the folder can edit any file added to it, and each saved change is permanent. You can't restore previous versions to reverse mistakes or unwanted changes.

For secure file sharing, DropSend encrypts the files using the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. However, this encryption is only available with the business plans. All the personal plans leave files completely unencrypted. If the servers are hacked and you don't have a business plan, your files are at the mercy of the hacker. The servers aren't protected with firewalls and virus scanners either, making the likelihood of external and internal issues much greater.


DropSend is a file sharing service that provides an easy and simple way to share large files and collaborate online. However, secure and unlimited file sharing is only available with the business plans. The personal plans have very limited bandwidth and no file security.

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