Pros / You can restore a file to any point with the unlimited file versioning.

Cons / The monthly bandwidth caps are severely limiting.

 Verdict / Egnyte is one of the best online file sharing services because of the comprehensive list of features for securely sharing and tracking your files, but the low bandwidth is a concern if you share a lot of data.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Egnyte is a leader in the file sharing service industry, with comprehensive features such as share folders, public links, mobile apps, third-party apps, custom branding and the ability for you to sign documents electronically. In addition, end-to-end encryption and remote wipe features provide a secure sharing experience, while file-tracking controls record how you share and edit your files during online collaborations. For these reasons, Egnyte has earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for the best online file sharing service.

Share & Access Features

The biggest reason Egnyte is one of the best online file sharing services is its comprehensive list of file sharing features. Many of the services in our review are hybrid services that prioritize online backup and cloud storage over file sharing. Egnyte is not one of them. This is a service built around online collaboration and file sharing. The features make it easy to share large files in a variety of ways and collaborate online with clients and colleagues.

The intuitive interface has drag-and-drop capabilities for simple uploading to your account. You just pull files into the interface to initiate an upload. Once you upload them, you can share files by creating private share folders, using a plugin for attaching large files to emails or creating public share links. The share link creates a URL for the recipient to download the intended file.

Another great feature is the file-syncing folders. These folders are mirrored on any computer with the folder installed. When you edit and save a file, the changes are automatically backed up to the servers and mirrored to your other devices as soon as they connect to the internet, eliminating the need to use a thumb drive to transfer files between computers. When you combine this with the mobile apps, which are available on all of the major mobile platforms, you can access, edit and share files wherever you go. The ability to integrate third-party apps with your account can also increase your workflow productivity.

The biggest flaw of Egnyte is the limited bandwidth. While there are three plans to choose from – Office, Business and Enterprise – the maximum amount of bandwidth that you can get is 60GB a month for the Office and Business plans. If you often share large files, you can meet and exceed this bandwidth easily. For example, if you create a share link for a 5GB video file and send it to a video editor, a marketing director and two clients, then the single file accounts for 25GB of bandwidth – 5GB for the upload and 20GB for the four downloads. If you require more bandwidth, you'll have to upgrade to the Enterprise plan, which requires a customized quote. However, it's worth noting that these bandwidth limits are applied to the file – you get 60GB of bandwidth per file. This gives you plenty of bandwidth room for most files.


Like all the best file sharing sites, Egnyte protects your files with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. Encryption is essential for secure file sharing because it keeps your files safe in the event that the remote servers are hacked. A hacker would need the encryption key to view the files. Firewalls protect the servers where your files are stored, providing another layer of security from hackers. The only security feature missing is a virus scanner, which would help keep your files from being corrupted by any viruses uploaded to the servers.

The best security feature is the remote wipe tool. Without this option, any user you add to your account or invite to a share folder can keep your files once they leave the account. A remote wipe tool allows you to delete all the files connected to the account from any web browser. So if you let an employee go, you can delete all the company files on his or her computer, preventing any sensitive data from being released or used maliciously. This principle also applies to stolen computers or synced devices.

File Tracking Controls

Egnyte provides comprehensive file-tracking features, which are vital for any organization concerned with keeping records of how files are shared and edited. You can view all of the activity within your account with the audit log feature. This shows how many times a file was shared, whom it was shared with, when it was shared and who shared it. Within the share folders, you can track who edited files and when, which gives you a clear picture of the workflow within the collaborative process. In addition, folder permission settings allow you to customize how each user can access and edit files with share folders.

Another important file-tracking feature is file versioning. Egnyte maintains an unlimited number of file versions. Every time a file is edited and saved, it creates a new version of the file. This allows you to access and restore a file to any point in its editing history. This tool is critical when working in the share folders because changes and mistakes are never permanent.

Help & Support

Egnyte has a comprehensive knowledgebase, FAQs page and user forums, which provide quick access to common issues. You can also find ideas for ways to use your account to maximize your file sharing features. However, there aren't any tutorials or training pages to help you learn how to use all the features. You have to rely on the user forums for any tutorials.

If you need to contact a customer support representative, your options include a support ticket or live chat, which is best used for minor issues and questions. More serious issues should be submitted through the support ticket. If you want the option of phone support, you have to upgrade your plan, which then provides 24/7 support.


Egnyte is an online file sharing service with comprehensive and secure file sharing features and excellent tracking controls. All of these features are designed to maximize your organization's workflow. The major flaw is the limit of 60GB of bandwidth per month for each file you share.