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JustCloud Review

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PROS / You can share as much as you want with the business plan.

CONS / You can only sync up to 20GB between devices.

 VERDICT / JustCloud offers unlimited bandwidth and the ability to share files as large as 10GB, but the add-on account style means that you have to pay extra for features that come standard with other services.

Owned by Just Develop It, which maintains a number of identical file sharing and backup services, JustCloud is best characterized as a service for backing up your computer with online file sharing capabilities. It has unlimited bandwidth for sharing files, and the maximum file size is 10GB, which is comparable to the best file sharing sites. The biggest issue with JustCloud is the lack of transparency with many of the advertised features, which can lead to additional fees.

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As with the best online file sharing services, you can sync folders to an unlimited number of devices with JustCloud. This means you can have folders mirrored on all of your home computers, tablets and phones. These sync folders make it easy to access, edit and share files. However, one of the biggest issues with JustCloud is the very limited amount of data that you can sync. With the personal plan, you can only sync 2GB of data. If you want to sync more data, you have to pay additional fees – something that isn't advertised until you set up an account. In addition, the most data that you can sync is 20GB.

For secure file sharing, JustCloud has features comparable to the best file sharing sites. Your files are stored redundantly on Google Cloud servers using 256-bit AES encryption at all times. This protects the content of your files from being viewed by any hackers who gain access to the servers. The servers are also protected from unwanted external interactions by firewalls.

One of the most important security features is the remote wipe tool, which allows you to delete files from any computer connected to your account. The remote wipe tool is essential for any plan with multiple users, especially business plans, because it gives you control over file retention when an employee leaves your company. With remote wipe, you can delete the files without having access to the computer, ensuring that your files remain within your control. This is also a good tool for removing files from a stolen laptop or mobile device.

JustCloud's prioritization of backup features over file sharing is mostly evident in the file tracking. The file tracking is limited to a simple audit log and only seven versions of a file. This severely limits the online collaboration of files, because you only get a very limited number of versions to return to if you don't like the changes to a file. Unlimited file versioning is available but requires an additional fee. In addition, the file tracking lacks folder permission controls, recipient identity verification, user usage and bandwidth settings, file locking, and share-link expirations.


With JustCloud, you can share files as much as you want, including large files up to 10GB via public share links, though this costs an extra fee. However, JustCloud's priority is computer backup, which is evident in the lack of file-tracking features. The syncing feature is very limited, and many advertised features require additional fees to activate.

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