Pros / The service comes with unlimited bandwidth and file versioning.

Cons / There's no remote wipe tool.

 Verdict / Onehub's digital workspace is excellent for online collaborations, but it lacks key security features.

Onehub is a file sharing site designed with the purpose of being the "hub" for your clients and colleagues to collaborate on projects. Share folders and digital workspaces aren't uncommon among file sharing services, but Onehub's digital workspace is one of the best for online collaboration. Most file sharing websites provide controls that allow you to assign roles to the users – who can view files and who can edit files – but Onehub expands this concept for a comprehensive digital workspace that optimizes remote collaborations. However, the service lacks key features for keeping your files secure.

The digital workspace has an interface with five layers. The first layer allows you to post messages to the other users, in order to communicate ideas, suggestions and praise. The second layer allows you to sign off or approve the file, which is useful for quality control. The third layer allows you to create a share link. The fourth layer allows you to access and restore past versions. The final layer provides a detailed history of all the activity associated with the file. The entire interface for Onehub is designed around online collaboration.

With Onehub's subscription, you get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, a feature it shares with the best online file sharing services. You also have the ability to control all the activity that happens within the workspace. You can assign quality-control users to approve all changes. You can also customize the amount of monthly bandwidth and storage for each user on your account. Onehub's only limitation is the 5GB maximum file size. While this allows you to share most files, it can limit your ability to share high-definition videos, which can easily exceed 5GB.

Most of Onehub's flaws lie in the security. For secure file sharing, your files have 256-bit AES encryption at all times, as is the case with most file sharing websites. This provides protection from hackers who gain access to the remote servers. However, the servers lack firewall and virus scanners. If a user uploads a virus, your files are at risk of experiencing data corruption, though this is rare. In addition, without a remote wipe feature, you can't remotely delete files from any of the computers connected to your account. If an employee leaves your company and takes their computer or any of your devices are stolen, you can't remove the files from the computer.


Onehub has one of the best digital workspaces for cloud collaborations among online file sharing services. Its five-layer interface provides excellent communication, quality control and file tracking. The major flaw is the lack of important security features like remote wipe, firewall protection and virus scanning.

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