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OpenDrive Review

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PROS / There's no limit to the files you can share.

CONS / The security lacks a remote wipe feature.

 VERDICT / OpenDrive's unlimited storage, bandwidth and file size are comparable to the best online file sharing services, but it lacks key security and tracking features for secure file sharing.

OpenDrive is known more for its online storage and backup features, but this doesn't mean that it isn't a competitive online file sharing service. With no limit to how much data you can share, how much data you can upload to your account or the size of your files, OpenDrive provides an excellent platform for online collaboration. However, the lack of key security and file-tracking features means you have to be extra vigilant with the data that you share.

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There are three subscription plans – personal, business and custom. Every plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth. The available features are also the same, the only difference being the ability to customize the online workspace with your company's brand if you have the business plan. This may seem like a small difference, but custom branding is important if you collaborate or share files with clients. Seeing your business's brand reinforces trust that they're receiving files from a reliable source.

Once of the best features is the sync folders. You can create as many sync folders as you want on as many devices as you own. Sync folders make it so you don't have to use a thumb drive to transfer files from one machine to another. The folders are mirrored on each device. When you edit the file and save, the file updates to all of the devices synced to your account through an internet connection.

With OpenDrive's share folders, you can work on projects with anyone from anywhere. Similar to sync folders, share folders sync files on your collaborators' machines. When you edit a file, it updates to everyone's account. Share folders are excellent for any collaborative project. You can leave comments to guide the project. In addition, with folder permissions, you can control who has access to the folder, who can edit files, who can add files and who can only read files. For example, you may want to invite someone to view files but not allow the user to edit files. The folder permissions also allow you to set the amount of storage and bandwidth that users on your account are permitted each month.

Sharing large files with OpenDrive is easy. All you have to do is create a public link to the file, which allows recipients to download the file from any web browser. However, some key file-tracking features are missing. You can't protect the files with a password or set an expiration data for the share link.

OpenDrive stores up to 99 versions of a file. While this isn't as impressive as the online file sharing services with unlimited file versioning, the 99 versions that it maintains is more than most file sharing sites do. File versioning is critical for share folders because the files are subject to more editing with multiple people. It allows you to reverse mistakes or unwanted changes, which is more likely to occur in a collaborative share folder.

The biggest drawback of OpenDrive is the lack of secure file sharing features. As with most file sharing websites, the files are encrypted while active during a transfer and while idle on the servers. However, the servers lack firewall and virus protection. OpenDrive doesn't have a remote wipe tool either. If you have to fire any employees attached to your account or any of your devices are stolen, you can't remotely delete company files from their computers.


OpenDrive is an online file sharing service with unlimited bandwidth, storage and file size, which makes it ideal for businesses with a lot of large files to share amongst themselves and with clients. You can create private share folders for online collaborations or share files with anyone with a public link. However, aside from the industry-standard encryptions, the service lacks key features for secure file sharing.

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