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Pros / You get unlimited file versioning, allowing you to restore a file to any point in its history.

Cons / The 20GB of monthly bandwidth is the lowest available among the file sharing services we reviewed.

 Verdict / ShareFile has a comprehensive list of share features with excellent security and file tracking, but the minimal amount of bandwidth can limit your ability to share and receive files.

Editor's Note: Citrix has announced that a newer version of ShareFile is available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new release when we next update Online File Sharing Services.

With a name like ShareFile, you can expect file sharing to be the priority. Many file sharing services in our review are backup services with file sharing as a secondary feature, but Citrix definitely developed ShareFile around file sharing. The easiest way to share files is to use the email plugin, which allows you to bypass the attachment limitations of your email so that you can share big files through your normal email address. However, the limited bandwidth is a concern.

With the email plugin, you can attach files as large as 10GB to emails. However, this can take a long time. To remedy this, you can also create share links. With a share link, you create a URL that you can send to a recipient, which allows him or her to download the file from a web browser. This way, all you have to do is paste a link to an email. In addition, you can customize the share link URLs and your online portal to match your business. This lets your clients download the file from a webpage that matches your business, maintaining your brand identity and your clients' trust throughout the transaction.

For secure file sharing, ShareFile uses 256-bit AES encryption. This protects the files when they are in transit or at rest on the servers. Firewalls and virus scanners also protect the servers, inhibiting unwanted external and internal interactions. You also get a remote wipe tool. This allows you to remove files from any computer connected to your account, which is helpful if any of your devices are stolen or an employee leaves your organization and takes their computer. The only security feature that ShareFile lacks is the ability to password-protect share links. If you create a share link, anyone who has the URL can download the file.

ShareFile takes file tracking very seriously. Not only can you track all of the activity involved with a file, but you can also set user roles and usage within share folders. You can set expiration dates for share links and require anyone who downloads a file to provide their identity. While identity verification doesn't limit who can download the file, it allows you to track who downloads the file.

The best file-tracking feature is the unlimited file versioning. With this feature, you can restore a file to any point in its history, which is vital for online collaborations where multiple people are editing the same file. When you're sharing files and collaborating in a digital workspace, you need unlimited file versioning.

ShareFile's biggest downside is the limited monthly bandwidth for sharing and receiving files. Of the file sharing services we reviewed, ShareFile has the least amount of bandwidth for users. You have four plans to choose from – Basic, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise. You only get 5GB of bandwidth with the basic plan, 10GB with the professional plan and 20GB with the corporate plan. You can get more bandwidth with the enterprise plan, but it requires a customized quote designed for very large companies. This simply doesn't give you much room to share large files.


ShareFile is an excellent file sharing service with comprehensive and secure file sharing. The file tracking is also impressive. You can customize your online portal and share links to your company's brand, which is a great way of reinforcing your brand to clients downloading files. However, the limited bandwidth means that you don't have much room for sharing and receiving files unless you upgrade to the enterprise version.

ShareFile Visit Site