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SugarSync Review

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PROS / There's no limit to file size, and you can share up to 7.5TB of data each month.

CONS / The file versioning is limited to five versions.

 VERDICT / SugarSync comes with a lot of bandwidth and the ability to share any size of file, which makes it ideal for video editors, but it lacks some key file-tracking features.

SugarSync is an online file sharing service that prioritizes the syncing of data across all of your devices, which eliminates the need to use USB drives to transfer files between computers. While it doesn't feature unlimited bandwidth for sharing files, the 7.5TB bandwidth limit is exceptionally high. In addition, with no limit to file sizes, this file sharing site is ideal for video editors and people who deal with large media files.

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The file syncing is one of the best features of SugarSync. When you edit a file and save, the change automatically uploads to the cloud, which mirrors the changes to all of the devices connected to your account. For example, you can edit a photo on your desktop computer, save, and then continue to edit the photo on your tablet as you relax by the pool.

The same syncing feature applies to the share folders for cloud collaborations. You invite others to join the folder and any activity within the folder mirrors on everyone's devices. For example, you can collaborate on recording a song with musicians who live across the country. When they record a track, the share folder will reflect the new track. It doesn't matter where they live. The only requirement is that everyone has a SugarSync account.

SugarSync doesn't limit the size of the files you upload and share, which makes it one of the best file sharing options for video editors and other professionals who often deal with big files. It also provides up to 7.5TB of bandwidth each month for sharing and receiving files. This isn't unlimited, but it's more than any other file sharing service that doesn't have unlimited bandwidth allows.

The biggest downside is the limited file versioning. With SugarSync, you only get access to five versions of each file. This limits your ability to remedy mistakes by restoring past versions of a file. It also makes it so you can't see the total progress of a project. The best file sharing websites don't limit file versioning, allowing you to restore a file to any point within the file's history. This feature is especially critical for share folders where multiple users are editing the file. You can create five versions in a few minutes.

The limited file versioning is complicated further by the inability to lock files in the share folders. When you're editing a file, other users in the share folder can edit the file at the same time. The danger of this is the loss of linear collaboration – each user is editing the file without consideration to the changes each one makes, creating different versions for each file. In some cases, this isn't a major issue, but with many projects, you'll want to make sure that only one user can edit a file at a time. Without file locking, online collaboration can get messy and confusing. And with only five versions to restore, it can be difficult to reverse any unwanted changes.


SugarSync is an online file sharing service that prioritizes file syncing and computer backups. The lack of file-size limitations and the 7.5TB of bandwidth make it ideal for video editors and other professionals who deal with big data. However, the limited file versioning and lack of file locking hinders the effectiveness of the online collaboration.

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