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The Best Web Content Management Systems of 2017

Create Your Own Dynamic Website

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Web Content Management Review

Web Content Management: What Will It Do For Me?

If you're a small business owner, then you know how important it is to have a presence on the internet. Web content management allows you to produce a dynamic website without having extensive knowledge of web design or development. This simple web application lets you create, edit and manage your website – no developers required. For the most part these services are all very easy to use. A quick tutorial is all you need to create a site and start adding content.

Web CMS is different from other content management systems because it does not require any downloads and nothing is saved on the local server. You can add text, images, video, audio and more to each web page and it's stored on the host's server. This makes the application available from anywhere that has an internet connection.

In this review site you'll find side-by-side content management system comparisons of some of the best web-based services available on the web. We've also created a detailed review of each service, as well as written articles relating to web content management to help you further understand what a web-based content management system can do for you.

Web Content Management: What to Look For

There are hundreds of web content management systems available. We narrowed the field down by finding services that were geared toward small businesses and were available for under $75 a month – so it will fit your budget as well as your needs. We rated each service based on the following criteria:

Product Features
A web content management system needs to be easy to use. Drag and drop editing makes it simple to put content where you want it, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing lets you see what your site visitors will see as you create and page templates give you a great start on your site. Some services allow users to edit or add their own CSS properties and HTML elements for even more control over their site. We also checked each service to see what kind of modules they could add to your site. Each one of these elements will make it easier for the editor to add and manage content.

Search Engine Optimization
It does you no good to have a website if no one can find it. The best CMS systems shouldn't require a technical background and they shouldn't require extensive SEO training. Built-in search engine optimization features are preferred because they will help the editor tailor their site to those who might be looking for it.

Service Capacities
A web content management system needs to give you plenty of room for you to add and manage content on your site. In this section we took note of how much bandwidth each service provided, how much file storage they give you and how many pages, sites, editors and email accounts they allow in the plan we selected.

Security is very important in the online world. If the CMS service is not secure, you could lose time, money and even your identity. Automated backups keep your work safe, even if your computer crashes. Some services allow you to set various user roles, so certain editors aren't given as much access as others. A staging mode or sandbox allows you to test your changes before you actually put them on the site, and the SSL certificate lets your site visitors feel safe and secure when they're entering information on your site.

Help & Support
Since these web content management systems are geared toward those people without a web programming background, it's important that the company hosting the site provide plenty of information and support. A readily available and informative customer support team can make or break any content management system. Tutorials are helpful to get things started, but being able to contact actual people within the company with specific questions while using the service is essential.

Using the aforementioned criteria, we found Preation Eden Platform, Squarespace and Wix Premium to be the best web content management services available. Each one of these CMS services are easy to use, and they include a variety of useful tools to help you better create a site that's attractive and easy to navigate.