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Pros / You can purchase this as stand-alone software.

Cons / It lacks advanced features like members-only pages and pop-ups.

 Verdict / WebEasy Professional's comprehensive features enable you to create a website tailored to target audiences. It's easy to use and versatile, and it offers helpful customer support via live chat.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 Web Design Software here.

WebEasy Professional is a stand-alone web design software for creating a unique website. Although it lacks a few tools to make some of the more advanced features found on websites today, it has some versatile editing and graphics capabilities. Further, it allows for HTML editing of the template, making it a good choice for users of all skill levels.

This software comes with more than 600 templates, bountiful customization options and over 20 different templates optimized for mobile viewing. You don't have to know any programming languages in order to create attractive websites, but you can get direct access to the code so that, if you have web design background that includes coding, you can tailor your website down to the smallest details.

This software gives you web development tools, such as Facebook and Twitter widgets, to spread the word across social media. You can create an eCommerce site with integrated shopping carts, PayPal and secure payment processing, but you are limited to less than 100 products. WebEasy Professional can also create pages that are compatible with eBay.

It lacks some of the more common advanced features, such as the ability to create pop-ups or members-only areas. Pop-ups are handy features for alerting a visitor to you daily special, inviting them to join a newsletter or reminding them of a special feature or offer. Functions such as password-protected pages or the ability to log in and access certain parts of the website, such as a forum, are especially useful for groups or businesses building customer loyalty.

WebEasy Professional also sports an automatic backup feature that ensures you don't lose all of your hard work. This is handy, especially for those times you get caught up in your work and don't think to periodically save.

With WebEasy Professional, you have access to thousands of images, which you can edit using its included editor. You can add many types of media to your website. YouTube has become the method of choice for adding videos, both for the convenience and accessibility and because YouTube is owned by Google. WebEasy lets you add YouTube videos with a click of a button and a link rather than having to alter the HTML to add the video embed code.

The program has a tutorial that you can access at any time, and there are video tutorials. Some of these, such as the one for adding YouTube videos, are outdated, however. Avanquest also provides support through phone, email and live chat. This is one of the few website development software companies we reviewed that has a live chat. The technical support specialists are quick to answer and knowledgeable.

The hosting plan is one of the most robust of the website design solutions in our lineup, with unlimited storage, websites, pages and email addresses. In addition, you can purchase the software outright for use with any website host.


WebEasy is a useful web development software that works well for a personal or business websites, or small to medium eCommerce stores. It has strong graphics features and several social media integration features. Although it lacks some advanced website design options, it is nonetheless a solid program worth checking out.

WebEasy Professional 10.2 Visit Site