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ReadyTalk Webinar Review

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PROS / ReadyTalk has several invitation and publicity options.

CONS / This service charges to archive past webcasting content.

 VERDICT / With an easy-to-use interface and the ability to integrate publicity and business management programs, ReadyTalk is a good choice for small businesses looking for webcam-based webcasts.

ReadyTalk is an easy-to-use webcasting service with a basic platform that provides nearly everything you need for creating an interactive presentation that is rich with multimedia. It can handle webcam and slideshow webcasts with up to 3,000 people in attendance.

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ReadyTalk has some useful features for gathering an audience that large. You can invite attendees via ReadyTalk's service or Outlook, and you can promote it on Facebook. In addition, you can integrate with marketing software, like HubSpot, to help you track current and new customers to invite them to your webcast or follow up with them afterward.

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The software requires attendees to register. ReadyTalk's Marketing Campaigns feature lets you assign unique registration links to different invitation groups. This way, you can categorize registrants and track which publicity campaigns brought in the most attendees.

The webcasting platform itself presents a clean interface. It has nearly all the same features as the other webcasting platforms we reviewed and was among one of the easiest to use. Of special note is the application-sharing feature. You can share an application, giving someone else control of it on your computer. This can be useful for teams working on an application using a common computer. Additionally, all webcasting content can be saved after you are done with your event; however, ReadyTalk charges you to archive this. This is different from other webcasting services on our review that provide you with this service at no additional cost.

This webcasting software is very particular about having the most current Java and Flash, and it might require you to update these apps. Promoting to co-presenter within the software also proved to be more difficult than with other webinar software we reviewed.

There is live training and a database as well as 24/7 phone support. Phone support can access your room on the backend to troubleshoot issues. The technician can work with the co-presenter or the account holder. You can find how-to videos in the Recorded Training section of Support.


ReadyTalk's publicity and marketing features make it especially useful for small businesses who are interested in webcasts to build their reputation and attract new customers. With a basic interface and good phone support, you can easily get a webcast ready to go and promote it widely.

ReadyTalk Webinar Compare Quotes