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Pros / Convey's recording and editing software allows for changing slides, inserting items and cropping length.

Cons / The program does not allow application sharing.

 Verdict / TalkPoint’s Convey offers an abundance of webcast-creation tools, including comprehensive editing for your recordings, making it a great choice if you want to maximize replay value. However, the platform is not the best option for live online demonstrations of other software or apps.

TalkPoint’s Convey is a well-designed webcasting service that helps you create interactive presentations. This browser-based online communication tool is simple to use and offers ways to increase attendee participation.

You can start creating your webcast with templates provided by TalkPoint or customize the registration and imprint your brand. With this webcasting service, you can set up reminders for attendees, prepare polls and create surveys. While you are conducting your presentation, you and members of your team can communicate behind the scenes. You also can check attendee responses to questions before sharing these with the audience.

With this webinar software, you get plenty of opportunities to involve your attendees. The service offers live and on-demand Q&A sessions. You can also present documents and links for attendees to download. You can post polls while the presentation is underway and conduct surveys both during the live webcast and afterward.

TalkPoint is one of the few webcasting services we reviewed that allows for interactive replay. It archives your webcasts for a year, and anyone watching in that time can use the same interactive features and even ask questions, which are emailed to the presenter for answering.

This webcasting platform does not allow application sharing; however, you can share the screen of your desktop to share different applications with your attendees. You need to load the slides and any videos ahead of time, which can restrict what you show to your attendees.

A standout feature of this webcasting platform is that it allows you extensive editing of the webcast after it's been processed. You can crop the beginning and end – a feature found with most webcasting services – and you can also cut parts out of the middle, change slides and even add sections. The TalkPoint software resyncs the sound and video so that the changes are seamless, making it one of the best editing programs for the services we reviewed.

If you lack time or want expert help in preparing a webcast, you can pay an additional fee for optional services like video production, live-event support and post-event editing. If you encounter problems, you can get help from TalkPoint through phone, email support and live chat. In addition, the service's website provides tutorials and demos for you to watch.

In addition to having 256-bit SSL security, TalkPoint's webcasting software has password protection and other options available to make sure unwanted attendees cannot register or attend a private webcast. This is useful if you have an exclusive webcast or you don't want a competitor joining.

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TalkPoint’s Convey provides an excellent array of tools, optional services and customer support to ensure that your webcasts engage attendees fully and run smoothly. The editing features and interactive replay make it especially useful for viewers watching recorded webcasts.

TalkPoint Convey Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks

Webcasting Features

Encryption Level
1 year
Host/Attend Meeting from Mobile
Breakout Rooms
Attendee Phone-In
Edit Recording
Customizable Registration
Outlook Integration
Social Media Integration

Presentation Features

Setup Quality
Max Live Video Streams
Attach Files or Links
Share Desktop
Share Applications
Preview Slides During Presentation
Multi-Language Interface

Help & Support

Remote IT Support
Live Training
Live Chat
Video Tutorials for Presenters
Video Tutorials for Attendees

Plan Details

Contract Requirement
Annual or Pay Per Use
Max Attendees

Moderator Features

Toll-Free Option
Moderate Phone-In Attendees
Mute or Remove Attendee
Raise Hand

Monetization Features

CRM Integration
Collect Payment
Redirect after Logout