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MegaMeeting Business Bundle Review

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PROS / MegaMeeting allows you to moderate attendees using phone codes as well as the software.

CONS / It lacks several support options, such as live chat and how-to videos on its website.

 VERDICT / This is good software for creating and running a webinar, but despite its relative simplicity, we recommend working with it before your first seminar.

MegaMeeting provides a simple webinar service that allows for phone-ins as well as VoIP attendees and lets presenters show visuals, including slides, screens and videos. Its moderation features work for both computer and phone, and it allows you to hold unlimited seminars in a month with multiple rooms. You need to purchase the Business Bundle for several extra features, and the help and support material lacks videos and live chat, but otherwise, this software is worth considering if you want to run webinars for publicity and general marketing.

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Webinars differ from traditional web conferencing because the majority of the speaking is done by the host, with limited feedback from the participants. MegaMeeting's webinar platform is arranged to make it easy to limit interaction while still providing a means to ask questions or discuss issues. There is the usual public or private chat feature, and attendees can raise their hands to ask questions. The phone-in options also allow for muting and unmuting. This service says it can handle up to 16 webcams streaming at once, but our testers had problems with echo using only three presenters, so you should test connections before the meeting begins.

It's easy to invite people with this service, and it integrates with Outlook. No downloads are required to host or attend an online seminar, although screen sharing requires a downloaded app. There is also an app for those wanting to attend via a smartphone or tablet.

For an additional charge, this webinar service integrates with PayPal to collect payments, so you can charge for your webinars to make money. However, it lacks customer relationship management software integration and specific lead-generation tools. You can, however, put questions in your registration form or survey to garner lead-gen information.

We participated in a live demo, which went very smoothly, but we had a frustrating time with the trial software trying to get the features to work, even something as basic as the screen share and audio. There is live help available via phone, but the user guides and videos have not been updated in years. MegaMeeting provides live training, something worth taking advantage of before running your first webinar. With the Business package, MegaMeeting can also customize your webinar site for you.


The monetization, customization and phone-moderating capabilities of MegaMeeting webinar software make it a service worth considering if you are interested in creating webinars for publicity or profit, but lead generation takes some extra work on your part. The interface is clean but may require some practice or training to make your first webinar run smoothly and professionally. However, it is easy for attendees to attend and listen in on your program.

MegaMeeting Business Bundle Get Quote