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Compare Price Quotes from Top Vendors
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OWASP Top 10 Threats
Website Security and Performance Services Review: Stay Safe on the Cloud
Instead of bothering with software and hardware installs, stay in the cloud for the best security and performance services.
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Website Security and Performance Services Review

Why Use a Website Security and Performance Service?

Do you want to keep your company website safe and increase website performance? That's a loaded question since every site owner wants their site to be safe and fast, but what are you doing to protect your website from hackers? If your website doesn't transact millions of dollars you may think you are beneath the notice of hackers. That isn't the case, and without even knowing it a hacker could infiltrate your site and leave behind malicious software that slows down your site, compromises the security of your visitors and even siphons off profits. The website security and performance servicesin our lineup don't require you to install and manage security software on your own servers, which takes the burden of managing it off your shoulders and speeds up your site since it runs entirely on the cloud. With these services you can optimize website security and performance.

The services we reviewed are completely trustworthy and capable of securing your site to give you the peace of mind that your site is protected. Our favorite services are Incapsula, CloudFlare Pro and Stingray Traffic Manager. What we like about these services is how easy they make your site security. You provide the service with your domain name and follow their instructions to adjust your domain name system so that all your traffic is filtered through the service through the cloud. You can keep the same hosting service, and you can turn your subscription to the security and performance service on and off as you please. The process is incredibly simple. For more information, check out the articles on website security and performance services and the best website security and performance service comparisons on this site.

Website Security and Performance: What to Look For

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking for a website security and performance service that fits your needs. Since some are more comprehensive than others, there are a few key points to keep in mind. We looked at the security tools, the performance features, the management tools, and the help and support options. Be sure to take all of these into consideration when you're looking for the best website security and performance service.

There are a variety of security options to keep in mind, not just the malware and malicious bot blocking. We wanted to make sure you got protection from SQL injection and cross-site scripting, as well as support for SSL websites. The products that have threat statistics are useful to keep on top of any problems that may arise.

The performance features make sure that your website doesn't have long loading times that will frustrate your customers. In this section we looked at whether the service provided caching or compression. We also checked to see if they had a content delivery network. All of these features will make sure that your site doesn't drag.

Keeping on top of your website statistics can make the difference between a good website and a great website. If you have a dip or a surge in your visitors then you can see if anything has affected your website to cause this. We also like to have real-time notifications in case a problem does arise.

Help & Support
Though the majority of the website security and performance services don't need a lot of help, you will find it useful on occasion, especially if there is a new virus making the rounds. The companies that provide community help and training videos give you the support structure you need to keep your website running at full speed.

After looking through all of the products you can see the advantages to having a cloud-based website security and performance service. You want to look for services that offer comprehensive security and that don't just keep your website running as well as you expect, but better than it did before. The real trick is finding a service that enhances both security and performance.