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Pros / Barracuda Web Security Flex offers a whole slew of security options against viruses and malware.

Cons / This service offers bandwidth conservation, but there are few other performance tools.

 Verdict / This website service is focused more on security rather than performance.

Barracuda Web Security Flexis focused on protecting your website and customers. As far as website security and performance services go, this particular product focuses on security. We were impressed that there is a lot of protection from viruses and spyware. There are not many features for bolstering the performance of your website, so if you are hoping to increase your speed then another service might suit your needs better. If you're mainly looking for security, this service delivers.

  • Data retention
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  6. Category Average
    75.83 Days

Security Tools

The Barracuda Web Security Flex has a variety of website security options. We were pleased that it covers the basics with their virus and malware protection. It utilizes an antivirus signature that helps block viruses and spyware. There is also an AJAX analysis so that you don't have to worry about script-based attacks. Barracuda Web Security Flex offers antispam protection to keep your inbox free of irritating and potentially harmful spam. The final thing we want to mention about this website security service is that it offers protection against data leaks. If you work with personal information such as account numbers, you should be able to reassure your clients that their information is safe with you. Barracuda Web Security can offer protection so you can breathe a little easier.

Performance Tools

One of the only performance features that are available for the Barracuda Web Security Flex helps with managing the bandwidth. By conserving the network bandwidth and filtering the content it helps increase the speed at which your website loads. We would have liked to see more dedicated tools to improve your website's; the few tools they have included seem like afterthoughts. There are more options available from Barracuda that will help with website performance, but they are an additional cost.


Management Tools

Barracuda Web Security Flex is a SaaS, software as a service, so we wanted to make sure that you could run it, and not have it run you. The management tools available with this website security performance service give you the control you need to stay on top of everything. Because this service application is cloud-based we liked the fact that the dashboard utilizes real-time statistics. There are immediate reports and you can also schedule them to show up on a daily basis. You can have all of your reports exported to PDF, XML or CSV. We would have liked to see an option for data retention, but this service doesn't offer much in that way. Once the data is gone, it is gone, unless you have exported it.

Help & Support

The help and support offered by Barracuda Networks is comprehensive. We were pleased that there is a live chat. Instead of bothering with being transferred on a phone call or waiting for a reply to an email, you can chat with people when you need them. We were also pleased that there are webinars you can get for tutorial help when you want to learn more about the specific workings of the website security and performance service. They also provide a phone number and email address if you want to contact them that way.


Overall, while Barracuda Web Security Flex offers a lot in the way of security, the performance is more of an afterthought. Since this service is cloud based it doesn't negatively affect the performance of your website, but that doesn't mean your website is running at a quick speed. If your website is content or image heavy, having a service that can improve the performance can make or break your company. If you aren't concerned about improving performance then Barracuda Web Security Flex could be the service you are looking for.

Barracuda Web Security Flex Compare Quotes