ClickBank has an extensive affiliate publisher stable of over 500,000 members globally, so your products could potentially reach a wide audience. However, you do have to pay a one-time fee for each product you list, as well as a sale fee plus an additional commission, and the commission that goes to the affiliate publisher. While ClickBank is easy to use, it is limited primarily to digital products, although there is provision for offering some physical products.

You can let affiliate publishers promote your product or service via ClickBank across any publishing models to reach potential customers, including email and PPC campaigns, blog and article content, social channels, and video content. With ClickBank, as long as you have the time and skill, you can create landing pages, squeeze pages and upsells to help you and affiliate publishers reach and engage more prospects.

ClickBank works on a pay per sale basis, so you can't offer incentives and commissions on pre-defined actions like newsletter signups, CPC, CPM, or site to store. You can, however, offer upsells and cross sells on your landing pages and checkout pages using ClickBank’s PitchPlus service.

This affiliate marketing service supports all types of ads, but the tools provided are basic, so you need to be skilled enough or to hire someone who can comfortably build the links, creatives, landing pages, and other items your affiliate publishers will need to promote your offerings.

You can view your reports in near real time, with a short but unspecified delay. ClickBank provides data on sales, subscriptions, cancellations, refunds, trends, and a number of other publisher and product information. Using its data comparison feature, you can compare multiple date ranges, products or publishers.

ClickBank is primarily self-serve, so there are no management packages. Instead, you must pay a set review and compliance fee for each product you want to list on the platform, whether physical or digital. You also pay a flat fee and a commission on every item that you sell, on top of the commission that you pay to the publisher.

If you want to sell physical products, you have to sell and ship from the United States and meet a whole range of other criteria, including sending a sample of the product you wish to sell to ClickBank for review.

You can take advantage of the JointVenture feature that lets you form all kinds of working relationships and payment deals with other vendors. For example, you could hire a copywriter and agree to pay them a percentage of every sale you make on the product they help you create.

Advertisers have access to an extensive knowledge bank, a FAQs section and ClickBank University, where you can get help, follow step-by-step tutorials, and get answers to many questions related to your account. There's a live chat function, telephone service and email contact information. This company also offers basic affiliate fraud monitoring, and you can report fraudulent behavior too.

ClickBank is aimed at digital sales, such as information products, eBooks and eCourses, although there is some provision for some physical products. You can only offer publishers per-sale commission, and the lack of other commission and incentive types is rather restrictive.

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