FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing service that offers several different packages, supports a variety of ad types and publishing models, and has solid support and compliance monitoring features. While you do have to pay extra for premium management services, the self-managed plan has plenty of features and versatility, provided you have the resources and skill to work with the advertiser dashboard.

This affiliate service, like many others, supports accurate link tracking via email, article content, video and social platforms. It's important to note, however, that you can set restrictions and requirements relating to which publishing models you want your products or services promoted across.

FlexOffers is mainly focused on cost per sale models, but it also supports some cost per action types, such as free trial signups, lead generation activities and email list growth activities. This affiliate marketing service supports all ad types, and you can control which ad types you want used to promote your content. Remember that unless you purchase a premium plan, you'll need to have the skills or be able to hire someone that has the skills to create all the links, videos, banners, widgets, and tools your affiliate publishers need to promote your offerings.

FlexOffers boasts reliable, real-time reporting and tracking that can monitor affiliate performance as well as product or promotion performance. From your FlexOffers dashboard, you can also track your performance reports from other affiliate networks. The reporting functionality is versatile with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to filter and group by products, affiliates and other deeper insights. You determine the length of time that the tracking cookie remains active.

You can choose from an entirely self-managed plan if you have the skills or the resources to create your own affiliate tools and links. If you need a bit more help to get you started, you can choose the a 90-day package that helps you get set up and ready to manage things yourself. For those who want a full-service option, FlexOffers has a premium package. The commission per transaction remains the same across every package, but you'll incur additional management fees with the two packages that aren’t self-managed. When you sign up, you must also place a specific deposit into an escrow account, which is used to pay affiliate publishers and the cost per sale to FlexOffers.

Even on the self-managed plan, you get solid support. This company has a dedicated fraud prevention, or compliance monitoring, team that monitors publisher behavior. You also have access to personalized support from FlexOffer's account managers. This company also handles all publisher payments, currency selection and tax compliance.

As an affiliate marketing service, FlexOffers connects publishers and advertisers across a broad spectrum of industries. While the company doesn’t offer any other marketing solutions, it does have multiple service levels and an extensive support and monitoring system.

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