ShareASale caters to businesses across all main product categories, from green products to business services. ShareASale charges sign-up fees as well as fees per sale. It has a solid stable of affiliate publishers, and the broad selection of product categories means that it can cater to many different businesses.

Like most other affiliate marketing services, ShareASale supports the majority of publishing models, including regular content and video models. You can also expect your products to be promoted via email and PPC campaigns, across social channels and on mobile and desktop.

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing program that solely focuses on making sales, so it only supports cost per sale action models. You cannot use this service for other pre-defined actions, CPM, CPC or site to store.

This affiliate marketing network supports an exhaustive list of ad types, ranging from text and image ads to dynamic ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, banners and widgets. However, there's no management service, so the entire system is self-serve. The company provides the basic tools, but you need to build your ad program yourself. You can also populate datafeeds with your product catalog and give download access to chosen affiliates so they have access to all the latest product information from your catalog. But this carries an additional charge for every download.

Tracking and reporting is reasonably straightforward and flexible. You have access to real-time reporting and can group reports, products, or affiliates and continue to monitor those groups by assigning tags to each. If you operate more than one online store, you can connect them all under one reporting account at ShareASale but still maintain separate commissions and affiliate groups.

There isn't much in the way of differing service levels. Instead, ShareASale charges a one-time sign-up fee and insists that you have a specific minimum balance in your merchant account. This affiliate marketing network is very much a self-serve system, and there are no custom packages or full or partial management offerings. Instead, once you've paid the sign-up fee and have the required minimum balance in your account, you must create, find or purchase your own affiliate tools like datafeeds, widgets and dynamic ads. 

ShareASale offers a robust support service, with staff who can help guide you through using any part of their system. You also get access to comprehensive training videos and documentation, as well as monthly training that's included in your membership

ShareASale work with merchants and publishers across a broad range of retail and service sectors. The company doesn’t offer any management services or membership plans. Be aware that there is a considerable sign-up fee, and you must deposit a specific amount in your merchant account. This is purely a pay per sale service that doesn’t support other pay per action models or other marketing solutions.

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