Pros / All plans have access to all of the features.

Cons / The system is slower than others we tested.

 Verdict / Campaigner is a great email marketing service thanks to its advanced features that are available on all plans, but it doesn't include much variety.

Campaigner competes well against the best email marketing services available. It includes all of the same basic features that the top-rated email marketing software has, and many advanced features too. And regardless of which plan you choose – whether you have 500 contacts or 5,000 – you get the same features. However, Campaigner doesn't execute quite as well as others we tested.

The emails we sent through Campaigner were mostly successful in delivery, but not every email made it to our Gmail inbox. An email blast we created using a Campaigner template didn't show up at all. An HTML-coded email our marketing department created made it to the promotional tab in our Gmail inbox. This issue was common among the email marketing solutions we tested.

The templates Campaigner offers are good for easy email and newsletter design, but the themes are limited. Additionally, though we were able to designate a send date and time for our emails, we couldn't choose a time zone, so the only way to ensure your recipients receive your promotional emails at the same time is to send them separately to the different time zone groups.

Campaigner is great for new users of email marketing services because it has an easy-to-navigate interface and provides access to the user manual as a pop-up window. The dashboard is laid out intuitively with links to tasks you're likely to use often, and it includes a list of past campaigns and your subscriber activity. Although Campaigner's list management tools seem limited, they are simply basic and easy to use.

You are completely in charge of your own sign-up form creation, because this email marketing service doesn't have templates for it. You have to build one from scratch, which means you get to decide what information you want from your new subscribers, but most services at least offer you the option of using a template to make it quicker and easier.

The biggest issue we had with Campaigner is how slow it is. The delays aren't long, but they can be frustrating when you have other pressing things to do.

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  2. 4  Campaigner
    93.0 %
  3. 91.0 %
  4. 91.0 %
  5. 91.0 %
  6. Category Average
    79.1 %


In spite of Campaigner's seemingly out-of-date state with its sluggish processing and lack of variety in templates, it's a good service for simple email campaigns. Even if you have a small contact list and choose the lowest-priced plan, you still get access to advanced features.

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