Pros / This service has social media buttons to align your campaigns with your social networking strategy.

Cons / It is missing A/B testing.

 Verdict / Mad Mimi helps you create effective campaigns, even if it does take some practice.

Mad Mimi is an email marketing service to keep your eye on. It frequently updates the look of its interface, integrating add-ons that no longer require an additional fee. Its brand of bulk email marketing provides design features that make it easy for you to create fashionable and professional emails. This service has a learning curve, though, as it isn't quite as accessible or simple as its competitors.

Even if you don't have design experience, you can create professional-looking emails with this email marketing service's easy-to-use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Instead of using formatted templates that can quickly become difficult to work with if you make even small design changes to them, Mad Mimi provides simplified design tools. This is good because there's still enough structure with Mad Mimi to help you quickly create good-looking emails, but it doesn't have so much structure that you can't create what you envision.

You can insert social networking buttons into your emails. Mad Mimi has 39 social networking buttons to choose from, such as like, share, retweet and pin buttons. You can also add links to your emails. This bulk email service provides 21 add-on options, including webforms, Facebook signup and drip campaigns.

This email marketing service is missing a few features that should be standard at this point. The lack of A/B testing makes it difficult to gauge which subject line and campaign will work best for your intended audience.

In addition to creating email marketing campaigns from scratch, you can copy your campaigns with the clone tool, which allows you to adjust the original document without losing any previous versions of your work. If you accidentally delete an email campaign, Mad Mimi now allows you to undo the deletion.

Mad Mimi provides detailed reporting features. You can see how many people open your email, click on embedded links, share it on social networks and more. You can even see who clicks on which links. This email marketing service works with Google Analytics and provides detailed click tracking and statistics. It provides forward-to-a-friend reports and the option to export reports to Excel. You can also see real-time responses to social networking activity related to your email campaigns.

The service has clearly marked buttons and simple navigation. In case you do have questions about the application, though, the Mad Mimi website has a quick-start guide, tutorials, demos, FAQs and a frequently updated blog with tips on creating effective email marketing campaigns. If you need technical support, you can contact this marketing service by email, telephone by appointment or live chat. The representatives respond in less than 10 minutes. The service also provides custom branding and design assistance.

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Mad Mimi is a colorful and helpful email marketing service, but it's not your best option if this is your first email marketing foray. The absence of a few features, notably A/B testing, hold it back in the rankings. However, the reporting features are impressive. In a few clicks, you can add social networking buttons, track who clicks on which links and more. Mad Mimi also provides excellent customer service. This email marketing service helps you create great-looking campaigns and better track your marketing efforts.

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