Pros / This email marketing service offers a good spam checker.

Cons / You don't get unlimited emails with the standard plan.

 Verdict / Pinpointe is a good email marketing solution for businesses that send only occasional emails to their contact lists every month.

Pinpointe's email marketing service can meet your needs whether you have 500 subscribers or more than 200,000. It offers the same features you can find from the best email marketing services, but it comes up short in ease of use and email delivery success rate. Additionally, if you send several emails to your contact list every month, you need to keep an eye on your account, because you don't get unlimited emails to send.

We sent test emails from Pinpointe to several email clients to determine the delivery success rate. Before we hit send on those email campaigns, Pinpointe's spam checker notified us of a few red flags, which we corrected – this tool helps prevent your email being chucked to the spam folder by the email client. Although the emails made it through to all of the email clients we sent to, our test emails to Gmail were sent to the promotions folder. Pinpointe claims a 96 to 99 percent delivery success rate, but our tests put that percentage at about 80 percent.

Creating an email blast campaign in Pinpointe is relatively easy. You can use the various tools to change title sizes, fonts, font colors and layouts. You can also add video, social links and buttons to your emails and newsletters. Sign-up form creation, however, isn't as easy as it is with other email marketing services we used. Also, the forms aren't completely customizable – only automated email responses.

The interface of the dashboard is what you'd expect of an email marketing solution. It includes statistics from your reports and large actionable buttons. However, logging in to use the email marketing service is frustrating. You must use a unique URL login rather than a link on Pinpointe's website. The workaround is easy enough – bookmark your URL login – but it's an inconvenience.

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  • Delivery Success Score
  • Email Creation
  • Interface Quality
  • List Management
  1. This is the success rate of marketing emails sent by each company.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  Pinpointe
    69.0 %
  3. 91.0 %
  4. 91.0 %
  5. 91.0 %
  6. Category Average
    79.1 %


Pinpointe helps you create attractive and effective promotional email campaigns with its many creation tools. Its spam checker helps ensure your emails don't get kicked to email clients' spam folders. It's a helpful email marketing service, but only if you don't email often, because you don't get unlimited emails with Pinpointe's basic plan.

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