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VerticalResponse Classic Review

PROS / You get advanced image-editing features.

CONS / Segmented marketing is more difficult with this service than most.

 VERDICT / VerticalResponse's advanced editing features make it ideal for emails and newsletters with several pictures in them, but its email delivery isn't reliable for Gmail recipients.

VerticalResponse includes some advanced editing tools you can't find in other email marketing services, and it offers important integration options for your contact lists. However, the list management options aren't as flexible as those of the best email marketing solutions.

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We sent test email blasts from VerticalResponse to several email clients, including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. We had more issues with email delivery using VerticalResponse than we did with any other service we tested. Our emails never arrived in our Gmail inboxes – not even in the spam folders. More than 30 percent of the services we tested had some issues with Gmail, though.

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  2. 9 VerticalResponse
  3. 91%
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  5. 91%
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It's easy enough to use VerticalResponse to create an email or newsletter campaign, whether you choose to send an HTML-coded email you've designed in another program or use a template and edit it within VerticalResponse. However, the email marketing software's interface doesn't immediately make sense. The dashboard doesn't show you past campaigns or a snapshot of your tracking reports. You can find task buttons on the sidebar of the application.

The templates are easy to modify, so you can make each email or newsletter unique to your brand and business. Although VerticalResponse's text and image editors seem standard at first glance, the image editor is packed with helpful features, especially if you use several images in your emails or newsletters. VerticalResponse gives you options such as image enhancements, stickers, and focus, contrast and saturation manipulation. These advanced features mean you likely won't need a separate image-editing program for your emails.

List management within VerticalRespone isn't difficult to use, but it doesn't offer customization. You're relegated to the set contact form fields, so you can't set up segmented marketing campaigns based on your subscribers' information unless the program already features it. For instance, you can create a campaign based on location, but you can't target a specific gender or other demographic unless you create a new list separate from the program and load it independently.


VerticalResponse is a good choice for an email marketing solution when you also need advanced image-editing features. There's no guarantee that your contacts who use Gmail will receive your emails, though. Creating segmented email campaigns is also more difficult with this application than with the best email marketing services.

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