Pros / It's easy to create attractive sign-up forms to use online.

Cons / Loading contacts was much slower than with other email marketing software we tested.

 Verdict / AWeber is slower than many email marketing programs, but it offers good tools for creating and sending professional email marketing campaigns.

AWeber is an older email marketing software program, but it's still a popular choice for newsletter creation and email campaigns. It has the basic tools you need, can work with HTML-loaded or template-created emails, and it offers great choices for subscriber sign-up forms. Overall, it's among the best email marketing software applications we evaluated.

Importing email code was very simple, and our email was delivered to all of our test accounts, although quite often, it went to the spam folder. This was one of the few applications whose emails were so consistently redirected to junk folders.

Creating our test email worked reasonably well. AWeber provides several templates that were useful and customizable, but it took more steps to edit it than it did with other online marketing software. Also, the cursor track was extremely sensitive, adding further frustration to the creation process. This was the only newsletter creation program we tested with this problem.

This is one of the few newsletter creators that offered free images, a great tool for dressing up your email without paying for stock images. However, we were not pleased with the image-editing tool. We could add our own photos easily enough, but when we resized an image using the AWeber tool, it blurred the image, and the blurred image showed up in all of our sent messages. Aside from these issues, however, email customization and the editing function worked well.

When you create emails with a template or make changes to a template, you'll want to save frequently. We had an issue with lost changes in creating one of our emails.

This software was the slowest for loading subscribers one at a time or by importing a list. Plan extra time for contacts to be processed, especially if you have a large list. You cannot segment lists, although you can tag contacts and use those tags to send campaigns to different subscribers. You can create a sign-up form easily. It offered templates and the ability to add custom fields.

The program offers multiple videos and tutorials to help you, making it a good choice for novices who prefer instruction rather than learning as they go.

  • Delivery Success Score
  • Email Creation
  • Interface Quality
  • List Management
  1. This is the success rate of marketing emails sent by each company.
    Percentage (Higher is better)
  2. 6  AWeber
    69.0 %
  3. 91.0 %
  4. 91.0 %
  5. 91.0 %
  6. Category Average
    79.1 %


AWeber is a strong choice for email marketing software. While it's not the easiest application to use, it offers some excellent help features. The process of adding and processing new contacts was slow but nonetheless effective, and the emails all delivered as expected, although many were sent to the junk folder.