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Constant Contact Review

PROS / This email marketing software allows you to use its platform for event registration.

CONS / It's not as easy to input your own HTML code with this system as it is with other newsletter software.

 VERDICT / Constant Contact is a versatile and useful email marketing application that lets you design and send excellent campaigns. Its registration tool makes it especially useful for businesses that host events.

Constant Contact email marketing software offers an easy interface for creating attractive and useful newsletter campaigns whether it's keeping your readers updated on the latest company news or notifying customers about a sale.

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If you host live events or anything that requires registration, Constant Contact can handle the registration as well. This Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner is a popular choice for small businesses and solopreneurs looking for an easy and versatile program for creating and sending emails, newsletters or other promotions.

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  4. 91%
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Email Sending

Constant Contact provides the usual scheduling features common to the best email marketing programs, including the ability to send emails in a series. It was one of the best applications that was able to clear Gmail's filters. About a third of the email marketing programs we tested did not make it through Gmail's spam filters, even to get shunted to the Promotions folder, but Constant Contact went through each time. This is important as Gmail is a popular email client.

We could preview our email in desktop and mobile formats but only when we were creating an email from a Constant Contact template. Further, even though the preview of the Constant Contact template looked fine, our email did not resize perfectly for Outlook's preview pane, which was a common problem with most email creation programs. Our newsletter we developed in house did not preview as a desktop or mobile version but rather as a liquid screen whose size you could manipulate. When we sent it, it showed up perfectly in each email provider we tested. 

Constant Contact keeps you informed about how your campaign is going with comprehensive reporting tools. You know how many people open your emails, how many forward them to others and much more. You also get all the social networking statistics you could use.

Email Creation

Constant Contact provides hundreds of templates to choose from when creating an email, allowing you to customize one to suit your preferences. This mass email software program gives you the opportunity to brand your campaigns. One useful feature it offers are stock images to dress up your emails. Images can add interest and break up long text, although in emails they should be used with purpose.

While this newsletter program has some very convenient features, some tools were not as easy to access as with other email marketing programs. The dashboard interface lets you copy old campaigns and edit them to make new ones, which is a convenience few email creation programs offered. However, we had difficulty accessing certain functions like importing our own HTML-coded newsletter.

It has tools to adjust your images by changing the saturation, manipulating the contrast or adding a frame, but another glitch we encountered is that our testers were unable to access them in the trial version.

One unique feature that's useful for any event-based business is the event-registration function. Using it, you can register people for your conference, concert or special sale. It can even take payments using PayPal processing. Plus, it puts those registrants in its own email list so you can send them follow-up information. This makes it extremely easy if you have an event you are promoting and taking online registrations for, whether it's a webinar or a conference.

Like most software of its kind, you can create autoresponder sequences to run automatically, such as when someone joins your list.

List Management

No campaign is effective without an organized contacts list. Constant Contact allows you to load contacts individually, import lists with ease or create a sign-up form. As noted before, Constant Contact's event registration feature generates lists as well. The only issue we had was with segmentation, which was not as easy with this application as it was with other email marketing platforms. We could set tags for sending campaigns to specific individuals or create new lists, but we did not see how to segment a list using rules.

If someone unsubscribes, it stops sending emails and will notify you in the report, but you may have to remove them from the list. This could be an issue if you are close to the cap allowed by your subscription plan, so be sure to clean your lists when you're close to your maximum number of subscribers.

The help options with Constant Contact are excellent. We found informative articles, tutorials, FAQs, tips and other materials on the website. If you need more personalized answers, there are friendly and helpful representatives available through phone and email.


Constant Contact has little but important details that help it rank among the top services when it comes to creating email templates. The event registration is a definite plus, while copying campaigns adds convenience. Despite issues with list segmentation and image editing, this easy-to-use program provides you with tools to create professional and compelling email campaigns.

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