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Reputation Hawk Review

PROS / In addition to building new sites to promote positive content, Reputation Hawk seeks existing sites for you to acquire.

CONS / This company does not provide the means to generate positive reviews or respond to negative ones.

 VERDICT / Reputation Hawk focuses on site creation and linking in order to drive down negative reviews or complaint sites. It doesn’t do some of the more common tasks that other online reputation management companies handle, but it has some unique features worth investigating, especially if you want to learn to handle some of these issues yourself.

Reputation Hawk's approach to online reputation management is standard: Push the sites with negative commentary or reviews off the first page of online searches and replace them with positive or neutral content. It does this primarily through content creation and linking. While it doesn't do some tasks that other internet reputation services perform, it has two unique features that make it worth considering, especially if you like doing things yourself.

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This company seeks to bury negative posts or complaint sites by helping you generate new microsites, Web 2.0 sites, blogs and social media that contain positive and neutral content. Reputation Hawk registers these on your behalf and places them on separate hosts in multiple countries. This prevents search engines from seeing a clustered effort that might cause them to downgrade a site. The data entry team then runs mass linking and social signaling campaigns in order to build site authority so those sites rise in search engine rankings.

This is a typical tactic used by all online reputation management services, but Reputation Hawk takes it a step further. It seeks out existing websites that already have information pertaining to your company and inquires about buying the site. If the owner of the site is willing, Reputation Hawk passes that information to you. By purchasing already established sites, you can bypass much of the work required to gain a good standing with online searches. Plus, you've acquired a site with a following you can now use for your company.

Another unique feature of this online reputation management service is its Repumatic software. This software allows you to create and control blogs or websites on multiple existing platforms covering a variety of interests. In this way, you can establish a presence with a target audience and create more sites to displace negative or harmful information about your company. With Repumatic, you can post to one site, multiple sites, or all of your sites at once, saving you time. You can also track comments, sentiment and activity on the internet. This software also lets you manage social media posts.

This service can also handle articles and press releases, and uses a variety of general and targeted distribution channels, from press release sites to personal contacts with news media. While these are not always the most effective ways to generate backlinks, these services promote your company.

While its unique services distinguish it from other online reputation management companies, Reputation Hawk has some missing elements that other online reputation management companies include. For example, it does not do SEO analysis of your website.

We also found its analysis of our test company was not as good as those from other online reputation management companies we reviewed. Its searches drew more sites that had nothing to do with our company than other services we reviewed, and it failed to identify negative reviews and sites that several other services found.

Finally, Reputation Hawk does not address review generation or response. Several services in our review research negative reviews so you can address them or provide a means to generate or funnel reviews to sites you can control.


While there are several better companies to consider if you feel you need SEO assistance as part of your internet reputation campaign, Reputation Hawk nonetheless has a unique approach to site acquisition not used by other services. By acquiring existing sites, you could save yourself time and money building authority for a website. The Repumatic is a useful tool if you are interested in managing your own additional sites. If you are comfortable with your website and your ability to handle reviews, Reputation Hawk is worth considering.

Reputation Hawk Compare Quotes