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Pros / Reputation Management LLC uses systematic analysis of the negative online content concerning your company in order to form an effective strategy to repair and protect you.

Cons / This online reputation management service does not provide tools for encouraging positive reviews.

 Verdict / Reputation Management LLC is an effective online reputation management company that can help you improve your internet presence, create content to push down negative sites and build social networks. Its strength lies in its analysis of negative content, making it especially useful if you suspect your company's reputation is under attack.

Reputation Management LLC is an online reputation management service that does what all other internet reputation companies do: create positive content and a strong website and social media presence in order to push down negative reviews. Its strength lies in its analysis of negative content on the web, making it a good choice if you think your company is under attack from competitors.

This service focuses more on reputation attacks than other companies we reviewed, although all services can counter negative publicity campaigns. Reputation Management LLC has two plans: Net Shield and Net Strike. Net Shield concentrates on building positive content, which the company says can boost your rank on search engines and insulate your company from negative content. Net Strike is designed to counter coordinated attacks on your reputation.

There's a difference between a bad online reputation caused by a glut of negative reviews versus one that's the result of a coordinated attack. Reputation Management LLC does an in-depth analysis of negative content to see why it's ranking high on search results. If, for example, content is optimized for particular keywords, then Reputation Management LLC creates stronger content with those same keywords. This is the only internet reputation service we reviewed that makes a point of doing this.

Like all online reputation management companies, this service monitors social media and the internet and track the progress of the sites and content it has created for you. The company declined to say if it conducts manual searches, uses commercial monitoring software or has in-house software house for this purpose.

Reputation Management LLC develops blogs, microsites, social media, articles and videos. It produces press releases for general distribution and through its own network of contacts, and it can promote your RSS feed. However, it does not work with company wikis or traditional media.

When we contacted this company about our test business, many of its employees were at a conference, which shows a dedication to thought-leadership in the industry. However, we had to contact the company several times online and via phone before anyone got back with us.

The sales representative did a quick search of our business but mostly asked questions. He suggested a plan and promised a proposal. We received several very general documents, some of which are on its website. We did not get anything specific to our test business. Instead, we were invited to fill out a detailed form if we were still interested. The company sent us some samples of content writing.

While this company generates positive content and social media sites for you, it does not provide a means for encouraging positive reviews or a place to filter reviews. Not every online reputation management site does this but it is certainly an advantage if negative reviews are the biggest issue for your business.

In our analysis of Reputation Management LLC's website, it ranked below average in SEO and domain authority. It was one of the only sites that did not bring up complaints in the first page of a Google search. However, the generic name caused a lot of content not specific to the company to flood the page, plus one negative report about reputation management companies in general, not this service in particular.


Reputation Management LLC focuses on countering attacks made against your company's online reputation and building a strong shield of positive and neutral content. As such, it's a strong choice for online reputation management services, but especially good if you suspect your company's reputation is under a coordinated attack as opposed to a more general issue involving negative reviews.

Reputation Management LLC Compare Quotes