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Submitedge SEO Review

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PROS / This company provides services that go beyond online reputation management to include content creation, link building and SEO services, all useful tools for improving an online presence.

CONS / Submitedge SEO does not use advanced social media analytical tools.

 VERDICT / Submitedge SEO is an older company and while it has experience, it doesn't employ some modern tools, and its work (based on a proposal) is not as in-depth as other services. Thus, it's good for companies with tight budgets that don’t need extensive online reputation repair or monitoring.

Online reputation management is just one of the many SEO services Submitedge SEO specializes in. Founded in 2007, it has served over 15,000 clients in areas from content creation and distribution to dealing with negative reviews. It's overall a solid service but takes a basic approach to online reputation management. It seems very comfortable in its methodology, which includes manual searches and Google tools as opposed to the more advanced software used by other companies on our lineup. However, it is one of the least expensive programs. As such, it's best for companies needing some help in repairing or enhancing their online image, but for more extensive needs, we recommend checking the higher-ranked services we reviewed.

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This company uses a two-pronged approach to reputation repair and enhancement. First, it works to drive down the negative reviews from the top ten search engine results. Around 90 percent of people don't look past the first page of a search. Next, it builds up the SEO of your website and related content so that they maintain a high ranking. This helps inoculate you against future negativity. This approach is typical of most online reputation management services.

To accomplish these goals, you need relevant content that is optimized for search engines and that has a strong backlink score. Backlinks tell search engines that this is an authoritative site, as other sites refer to it. Submitedge SEO specializes in these activities as separate services and can apply them to your situation as well. Submitedge SEO offers content writing services to create or assist you in creating microsites, blogs, press releases and a company wiki. It creates backlinks to your professional content via social networks and blogs, which increases website credibility and generates traffic from potential customers.

The company performs all of this work manually. In some areas, this is an advantage as it can tailor its work to your needs. However, it does not use automated programs for social media monitoring, which can provide an ongoing picture of your business's image and alert you to trouble. It also relies on Google analytic tools for SEO. These are good, but there are multiple other programs that can provide additional insight. Many companies we reviewed use a combination of tools. It does have an R&D section that keeps up on the changes in Google's algorithms and suggests changes to procedures to address issues.

We examined the company's website to see how well it applies its own work, and it fared well. Its content is relevant and useful, although it leans toward the hard-sell and lacks specifics. Its backlink score was well above average. The SEO score was average, however. Even more important is that there are no complaints listed against this company in the first page. Most of the services we reviewed had at least one complaint on the first page.

Submitedge SEO begins the online reputation management process by performing an in-depth analysis of negative web content related to your business. We received an analysis that included the top 20 finds for different keywords as part of its proposal for our test company. The keywords included "reviews" and "complaints," and contained a percentage of positive and negative sentiment. However, we found a number of false positives in the report – sites where the words in the string were found, but not together and not on a webpage having anything to do with our test business. For a company that prides itself on its hands-on work, we would have expected those to have been discovered and at least flagged as neutral.

The rest of the proposal itself was rather disappointing. It contained no specifics and often mimicked the information found on its website. The attached case study was similar to our test company but contained more superlative language than actual details on facts and procedures. It had no specific information on the company's qualifications or training, and we had a difficult time getting specifics from the live chat representative as well.


Submitedge SEO has been involved in search engine optimization, internet marketing and online reputation management since 2007, and while it has nearly a decade of experience in these fields, we didn't find much about the service that made it stand out. The website and proposal lacked specifics and relied on language like "professionally done" and "highly efficient" as opposed to specifics. It is, however, one of the cheapest services we reviewed. Therefore, if you are on a budget and are more concerned with some light reputation repair and a general clean up and enhancement of your business' standing online, Submitedge SEO is worth checking out.

Submitedge SEO Compare Quotes