Pros / WebiMax holds weekly trainings to stay ahead of changing SEO and social media practices.

Cons / It does not provide a means to generate or funnel new reviews.

 Verdict / WebiMax is the best because of its one-on-one guidance and large selection of services. It provides well-trained reputation management and public relations personnel, and it is willing to work with clients on approach and price.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor's Note: WebiMax has changed some of its features. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Online Reputation Management reviews.

WebiMax offers many services, from search engine optimization (SEO) to lead generation. The company employs all its resources for online reputation management, providing you with comprehensive and flexible options for pushing negative reviews and commentary off the first pages of internet searches while enhancing your overall image. Although it does not manage actual reviews like some services do, its professional approach, customer service and company image prove it practices what it preaches. Thus, WebiMax earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Company Proposal

If your reputation has been damaged, you want a company that you can trust and that will work with you. We believe WebiMax excels in both these areas. While the website lists several SEO-related case studies to show its expertise, the company would not reveal any of its online reputation management (ORM) customers until it had the client's permission. Further, the company held a preliminary call to discover the ORM needs of our test case and called after sending the proposal to go through each step. Our customer service representative took time to explain the reasoning behind common tasks in a way no other service had done.

The company is willing to work with you. In our test case, it offered a discount if we signed up for a six-month commitment. Most companies require a minimum time commitment or simply charge a monthly fee. In addition, although you have a dedicated project manager as your go-to, you are nonetheless welcome to contact any of the eight or nine team members if you have an issue specific to their areas.

The proposal was specific to our test case, including an in-depth analysis of the troubling sites that were hurting the test company's reputation. WebiMax went beyond any analysis we received in that it not only listed the sites, but also analyzed them with regard to the particular domain and page authority. For example, while Google gives strong authority to sites like Yelp, the authority of the webpage listing the complaint may not be high. This means it can be easier to bump that complaint off the main page by replacing it with site containing high domain and page authority. The example given was a complaint with the word "fraud" attached to the company name. By creating a blog or post on a high-authority blog site about how the company handles fraud and then getting many backlinks to that particular blog post, it could bump the complaint site. We noticed this tactic when we searched for WebiMax complaints and found one of the top searches was an article about how WebiMax handles them. That is just one example of how the company's own image demonstrates its understanding of internet reputation management.

WebiMax's proposal didn't address generating positive reviews or providing a place where reviews can be funneled so that positive ones are promoted while negative reviews are forwarded for resolution. Several of the online reputation management companies we tested offer this service, but it's not WebiMax's focus. WebiMax also does not offer training in ORM, but it will advise you during monthly calls, or if a negative review pops up on its alerts.

Focus & Services

Our test case did not involve a reputation harmed by scandal, and indeed, we found WebiMax's approach to be more proactive toward reputation building, although it can handle repair as well. Its focus is on pushing down the negative reviews while building a wall of positive and neutral sites – including minisites with a narrow focus on one part of your business, social media and blogs – in order to guard against complaints rising to the top of the searches. This is a standard practice for all reputation management services.

This service has website-building and SEO departments with expertise and experience it can apply to your websites and to any new material WebiMax develops for you. In addition, this internet service specializes in multilingual SEO to ensure your website is optimized for certain languages and countries. This expertise helps ensure your website and other online properties reach the top of searches organically.

Like other online reputation management companies, it will work to provide strong backlinks in order to give your sites domain authority. This is another important metric search engines use to rank sites. Backlinks show that the information on your site has value because other sites have referred to it. We checked the backlink authority for WebiMax itself and found it ranked above average for the top 10 sites we reviewed.

Writing original, high-quality content is another key to increasing traffic and ensuring repeat visitors. WebiMax can assist you in writing and creating a wide variety of content that will build a positive reputation and continue to bring in traffic. The company specializes in creating original content such as articles and blogs. It can also assist you in creating a company wiki that tells a little about your company, which only authorized users can edit.

It does not focus on press releases, because it finds them not as effective for pushing up online resources, and so when it does create them, it transmits them through common distribution services like PRWeb as opposed to personal contacts. However, if you are looking for a PR campaign to address slander or to enhance your reputation as a thought leader, WebiMax has extensive media contacts that it uses to facilitate appearances or interviews.

Tools & Training

WebiMax creates a customized campaign to weed out negative comments from search engine results using specialized SEO techniques. Flushing out these negative responses with positive content boosts your online image. The service then continues to monitor your presence online, providing you regular reports on your status. If it is alerted to a complaint, it will notify you and advise you on how – or whether – to respond. This objective feedback can prevent making a bad situation worse.

Social media is one of the greatest tools a company can use to create a positive online presence. WebiMax offers social media services to ensure that you have a stronghold with branding and name recognition. This online reputation management service works with all types of social media networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Google+. It focuses on creating pages for you in the seven biggest networks, not just because they are the obvious go-to places, but because these sites have the highest domain authority, making it easier for you to push your sites to the top of the search rankings.

This company has been handling SEO and online marketing for small and large businesses since 2008, and most of its employees have years of experience in their field. Even so, it provides ongoing training in order to keep up with the changing online environment. For example, the social media team meets weekly to discuss news and changes in approaches for social media networks. It is also a Google-certified partner, which means it has earned Google's trust in its knowledge and handling of SEO and website-building practices.

This company uses a combination of manual searches, and in-house and commercial programs to constantly monitor your reputation. With a combination of resources, it can ensure the best coverage, including news and social media.


WebiMax is the best reputation management service available. Its offers experienced and well-trained personnel in several areas of online marketing and SEO as well as one-on-one guidance. Although this service does not emphasize press release distribution, it has a systematic plan for building web assets that have strong SEO and domain and page authority in order to push down sites that have negative things to say about you or your business. It then keeps tabs on your reputation to alert you to other threats, offering advice on how to handle those issues. With qualifications and experience that reflect well in its own website and company presentation, WebiMax is an excellent choice for online reputation management.