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Evoba Review

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PROS / When you begin working with Evoba, this company will carefully select the best keywords for your niche market based on your campaign goals.

CONS / This PPC company is not a Google certified partner.

 VERDICT / While Evoba is missing some of the more basic PPC features and is not a Google certified partner, it offers fair pricing and will work closely with you on your PPC marketing campaign.

Pay per click advertising is a large part of search engine marketing and an important part of any online marketing campaign. Evoba is a search engine marketing company based in Los Angeles and has been in the business of online marketing for over 10 years. Though Evoba isn't strictly a PPC company, it provides valuable PPC advertising resources.

When you begin your campaign, Evoba will provide you with a one-time consultation for your PPC advertising campaign. This company will help your ads reach target audiences using both the Google and Bing advertising networks. When it begins working on your campaign, Evoba does thorough campaign research.

Keyword research is a crucial part of any PPC service's plan. Evoba's keyword research and PPC copywriting ensure the keywords linked to your campaign are the most relevant. Evoba finds keywords based on your campaign goals, budget and online niche. It even takes seasonal and geographic factors into account. The campaign monitoring and testing services from Evoba ensure your pay per click campaign continues to work in the ever-changing environment of search engines and ad networks.

While, Evoba does not offer landing page creation, its team will help you evaluate your landing page and provide tips for optimization. While this service is useful and can provide valuable insight, it is a drawback if you do not have a dedicated website development team of your own to tweak your page for you.

When trusting your PPC campaign to a third-party, you want to make sure it has the tools and resources to run a successful program. This company has a blog with educational resources so you can learn more about PPC management and how PPC can be beneficial for your business. Evoba is a Bing accredited professional and provides client testimonials, but it is not a Google certified partner.

Tracking results is important and helps you spend money in the right places. Evoba will help you track your conversions and provide daily reports on your PPC advertising success. It lacks more personalized features that top PPC companies provide and does not offer unlimited consultations with your campaign manager, but you get the basic information you need to gauge whether your campaign has been successful.

You can reach customer service with questions or concerns by telephone and through email. The company also provides a blog discussing basic PPC topics and broader search engine marketing strategies.


Evoba is missing some PPC management features we like to see, but this is in part because PPC isn't the sole focus of the company. While Evoba does provide good service, you won't find a full menu of options from this company, such as landing page creation. Overall, Evoba is a good candidate for helping you cover the basics of PPC management.