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Network Solutions Compare Quotes

Pros / This company focuses heavily on the needs of small businesses.

Cons / Contacting customer support over the phone is not easy.

 Verdict / Pay per click management is one of the many things Network Solutions provides. While this company provides quality PPC services to businesses of all sizes, its support for new customers and general inquiries is lacking.

Networks Solutions offers pay per click management as part of the family. Even though this Network Solutions is part of a larger company, it still focuses on small business needs. It has been in business for over 30 years and has a staff that specializes in optimizing campaigns for major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media networks.

When you begin working with Network Solutions for your PPC marketing you will have a one-on-one consultation with a staff member who specializes in PPC marketing. After outlining your campaign goals, this company will begin keyword research in your niche market and create ads based on this research.

Staff members at this company are Google-certified, so they can help you follow best practices established by Google. The company also provides a detailed blog that is geared specifically toward small businesses and small business online marketing needs. This information not only helps you develop business goals and strategies, but it shows that the company is going out of its way to help you succeed.

Tracking your results allows you to make sound business decisions. As your PPC management campaign continues, Network Solutions continues to use and analyze your data after customers begin clicking on your ad. You'll receive click-through and conversion rates, results tracking and other information that gauges customer interest.

As a Network Solutions' customer you will receive a detailed report every two weeks covering the conversion rates for each tracking feature including email, landing pages, your company website, form submissions, phone calls and shopping cart purchases.

Network Solutions provides a personal PPC management account to use daily if you want to monitor your metric closely. This online account provides detailed reporting tools to view data about your campaign. If you are unhappy with results or have questions about your personal data or weekly reports, your account manager is just a call away. You will also have a scheduled monthly conference call with your account representative.

Network Solutions provides several channels of contact for its clients. However, we found that contacting this company can be challenging. While the Contact Us section on its website provides a library of numbers linked to the different services Network Solutions provides, we were unable to get past a menu or off hold. There are no email addresses on this website, but there is a live-chat feature that was useful for answering brief questions.


Network Solutions provides customers with the know-how and expertise to flourish in the competitive world of online marketing. We love that the PPC service focuses on small businesses with small advertising budgets. However, reaching this company for general inquiries is a challenge. The information the company provides on the website helps, but contacting a live representative isn't easy.

Network Solutions Compare Quotes